Powering a green Nova Scotia, together.

What does the future look like?

Imagine a future where a battery in your home stores and provides energy, and keeps your home powered when there’s an interruption from an outage. Imagine that battery is connected to a smart grid, so we can use renewable energy like solar or wind to keep that battery fully charged.

Imagine having the data at your fingertips, in real-time, to help make the best choices, to understand when and how you are using the most energy and how to integrate more renewables onto the grid. Imagine the exciting new technologies that will become available because we have a smarter grid infrastructure to support them.

As we work towards building a smarter grid and piloting new technology, we are on our way to a future that is cleaner, reliable and affordable for all Nova Scotians.

How do we get there?

A smarter grid: Modernizing the power grid is an important part of providing reliable and affordable electricity, while allowing for cleaner electricity and maintaining the stability of the grid. We are investing in more renewable energy sources like wind and solar and continue to meet the growing demand from customers adopting new technologies like in in-home battery storage and electric vehicles.

Smart meters: Smart meters allow communication over a secure network, which means you can see and manage your energy use better. It also means we can send billing alerts and tips for energy usage. Smart meters will also notify us when your power goes out, helping us restore power faster during an outage. 

Cleaner energy: We continue to be a leader in North America in reducing carbon emissions—tripling renewable energy from 9% to 30% over the past decade.  We are on track to generate approximately 60% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2022. Smart Grid NS is key to helping us do this.

Electric Vehicles: We have installed electric vehicle fast-charging stations, paving the way for electric vehicle adoption and removing barriers to this new and improving technology. This will change our reliance on fossil fuels and allow us to provide charging technology that gives customers more visibility and control of their charging.

Batteries: We are taking advantage of wind and solar, storing clean energy that customers can access when they need it. Piloting batteries in homes allows us to use the stored energy as a back-up power source in the event of an outage.

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