Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Pilot 

Save money while charging your EV

As we continue to add more clean energy to the grid, innovation is more important than ever. That’s why Smart Grid Nova Scotia is testing new ways technology can help us build a greener future. In a smart grid, individual pieces of the electrical system communicate with one another, so the entire electrical system can use energy more efficiently and reliably. 

Electric Vehicles are one critical piece of our future smart grid. As EVs become more common, we want to learn how they can make a difference. So, we’ve partnered with ev.energy to expand our smart charging pilot and invite more customers to share in the value of this technology. 

You get all these benefits

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$20/month bill credit

You’ll save up to $200 over the course of the pilot, just for being a part of this innovative program.
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Energy insights

The ev.energy app provides visibility on the cost, energy, and carbon impact of your charging sessions, at home and on-the-go.
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Total charging control

We will notify you when charging will be slower to reduce demand, but you can always choose to “boost” and override this if you need to.
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Green energy

You’ll help our power grid use energy more efficiently and reliably.

How It Works

smartphone displaying ev.energy app
The program is built around an easy-to-use mobile app. The app gives you total control of your EV charging and insight into your power usage, while helping us lower overall power usage from electric vehicles during peak times.

To help reduce peak load, participants will provide our team with control of the charging cycles of their EV. By allowing us to shift charging to off-peak times (like overnight), we can reduce the overall demand on the electrical system, which can help lower electricity costs for all Nova Scotians. Your EV will still get charged as it needs to—quickly. And the electrical system we all rely on will be used more efficiently and sustainably.

It’s a win for you, the grid, and our environment, so download the app and register today!

Get started in 3 simple steps


Download and launch the ev.energy app


Choose “create account” and enter the invite code SMARTGRIDNS


Connect your vehicle and set your charging preferences using the instructions you receive in your registration confirmation email.

Who qualifies to participate?

If you own an eligible Electric Vehicle and are NOT enrolled in the current Smart Grid Nova Scotia ChargePoint pilot program, then we invite you to join now and start saving. 

Eligible vehicles:

  • BMW i3 / i3 REX, i41, iX1
  • Chevrolet Bolt2, Volt2
  • Jaguar i-Pace
  • Ford Mustang Mach E, F150 Lightning
  • Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y
  • Land Rover Range Rover PHEV
1BMW i4 and iX vehicles are in beta and may not be fully eligible. Contact the team at smartgrid@nspower.ca before enrolling.
2Compatible Chevrolet EVs require an active OnStar subscription to enroll.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) and Nova Scotia Power Inc.’s (“NSPI”) Privacy Policy carefully before using the ev.energy mobile application for the purposes of participating in the NSPI EV Smart Charging Program (the “Program”). Access to and participation in the Program is conditional upon your acceptance of and compliance with these T&Cs. These T&Cs apply to all customers who participate in the Program (the “Customer”). 

By entering the invite code SMARTGRIDNS in your ev.energy account and connecting your eligible electric vehicle, you agree to be bound by these T&Cs and any amendments that may be made BY NSPI. For clarification, NSPI may amend or replace the Program and/or these T&Cs at any time in its sole discretion and the Customer agrees to be bound by any such amendment.

If you do not accept any part of the T&Cs then you are not authorized to participate and will not be eligible for any compensation or damages. 

1. Participation. By entering the invite code SMARTGRIDNS in their ev.energy account and connecting an eligible electric vehicle, the Customer agrees to be a participant in the Program for the purpose of charging data sharing and demand response (active control of vehicle charging). For the duration of the Term (as defined below), the Customer shall receive a monthly incentive of $20/month for their participation in the Program, credited to their account on or before the 5th business day of the proceeding month. In order to remain eligible for the full incentive, the Customer must not be in breach of these T&Cs and must not opt-out of (or “boost” for) more than 25% of demand response events in the month (as defined in Paragraph 6 - Equipment Control). The final incentive amount will be determined by NSPI, at its sole discretion.

2. Program Costs. The Customer shall be responsible for all electricity costs associated with charging their vehicle. For the duration of the Program, the Customer shall also be responsible to maintain a working connected services account provided by their vehicle’s manufacturer in their vehicle at all times at the cost of The Customer. The Customer will not be responsible for any further costs related to its participation in the Program. 

3. Term. The term of this Agreement shall commence from the date the Customer submitted their personal information to the ev.energy app, entered the SMARTGRIDS invite code and successfully connected an eligible electric vehicle, and shall run until March 31, 2023 or until NSPI deems the Program complete (the "Term"). At the end of the Term, the Program is over, all connection to NSPI will be discontinued, and the customer will no longer receive any monthly incentive payments, regardless of whether or not the customer continues to use the ev.energy app for other services.

4. Termination. NSPI may cancel the Program at any time, or otherwise terminate the Customer’s participation for failure to comply with any provision of these T&Cs. Upon termination, NSPI has the right, but not the obligation, to disconnect the Customer’s eligible electric vehicle from the Program. NSPI's failure to exercise these rights is not a waiver of default or any future default.  

5. Data. During the Term, NSPI will be collecting data related to the customer’s electric vehicle charging (the "Data"). The Data will be transmitted through the third-party vendor EV DOT ENERGY LTD (the “Vendor”), operating and maintaining the ev.energy app, to NSPI (the "NSPI Connection") via the use of the customer’s eligible electric vehicle connected service. NSPI will be the sole owner of the Data. The Customer shall have access to certain portions of the Data (the "Shared Data") via the Vendor’s smartphone application, (the "App"). Customer will be required to download the ev.energy app on their compatible Android or iOS device, enter the SMARTGRIDNS invite code and connect their eligible electric vehicle, in order to complete enrollment in the Program. The Customer acknowledges that participation in the Program serves as consent to the collection of personal and/or Confidential Information and other information by NSPI, subject to NSPI's privacy policy (which can be accessed at http://www.nspower.ca/en/home/privacy-policy/default.aspx). In order to participate in the Program, the Customer will be required to agree to the ev.energy Terms of Use upon enrollment with ev.energy.

6. Equipment Control. The Customer acknowledges that NSPI will have control of vehicle charging at all times, save any periods of network outage, via the NSPI Connection. NSPI will exercise control of the Equipment to, among other things, increase or reduce charging, and power on and off the Charger. The Customer can opt-out of demand response events by “boosting” charging as required, subject to the terms defined in Paragraph 1 – Participation.

7. Program Changes. The Program is subject to change by NSPI from time to time during the Term. NSPI shall provide reasonable notice to the Customer of such changes.

8. Collection of Personal Information. The Customer's personal and/or Confidential Information as contained in these T&Cs and any related documentation is collected by NSPI for the purpose of assessing the Customer's ongoing suitability to participate in the Program and evaluating the Program, and shall be used only for that purpose or a consistent purpose. NSPI will not knowingly share personal and/or Confidential Information with third parties without your permission. The Customer acknowledges that participation in the Program serves as consent to the collection of personal and/or Confidential Information and other information by the Vendor, subject to ev.energy Terms of Use for the duration of the Term. If the Customer has any questions about the collection or use of their information, they may contact NSPI at any time.

9. Liability. NSPI shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages to any persons or property in connection with NSPI's supply of electricity to the Customer (including any interruption or disconnection thereof). NSPI assumes no risk and shall not be liable for any property damage or personal injury resulting from an act of God or from accidents, negligence or other actions of any person not employed by NSPI. 

10. Notices and Communications.  For regular communications between the parties, NSPI will contact the other party using the email address provided upon enrollment, except where:

a. where written notice is required by this Agreement, each party will contact the other party using the other party's email address; or
b. in the event of an emergency, the Customer will contact NSPI using NSPI's telephone number provided below.

Either party may change its email address or phone number by email to the other party. Any notice given by email will be conclusively deemed to have been received when the recipient acknowledges having received the email. 

Contact information for Smart Grid Nova Scotia:

11. Gender. These T&Cs shall be read and construed with all the changes of gender and number of the party or parties referred to in each case as required by the context. 

12. Binding Effect. These T&Cs shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective heirs, executors, legal representations, administrators, successors and assigns. The Customer agrees that no affirmation, representation or warranty by any agent, employee, or representative of NSPI or its installer(s) shall bind NSPI or be enforceable by the Customer unless it is specifically included in the T&Cs. These T&Cs may not be waived, altered or modified except by written agreement of both of the parties. These T&Cs contain the entire agreement between the parties.

13. Responsibility Statement. NSPI agrees that any services to be performed by NSPI as provided for in these T&Cs will be performed in accordance with recognized professional standards.

14. Clauses Surviving Termination. Any indemnification, ownership and confidentiality provisions in these T&Cs shall survive any termination of these T&Cs.

15. Invalidity of Provision. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these T&Cs or any covenant in it shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision or covenant in it and the invalid provision or covenant shall be deemed to be severable from the remainder of these T&Cs.

Download the app now!

If you qualify, download the ev.energy app, enter the invite code SMARTGRIDNS, and then get ready to start saving—and making a difference.


download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play


For support with the app, please contact support@ev.energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Nova Scotia Power doing this?

Through the Smart Grid Nova Scotia Pilot, Nova Scotia Power is investing in technology that helps EV drivers understand, track, and control their charging, earn rewards, and improve the reliability of the power grid. 

Smart Grid Nova Scotia will occasionally shift driver’s EV charging to times when there’s less demand, helping to balance the electricity grid.

How will Smart Grid Nova Scotia administer the Pilot?

Smart Grid Nova Scotia has partnered with ev.energy to assist in the administration of the Pilot. ev.energy's software platform manages EV (Electric Vehicle) charging across the grid by scheduling and optimizing charging times and loads.

How do I connect my EV to the ev.energy app?

Once you download ev.energy app on your mobile device, we’ll ask you to connect your electric vehicle (EV) using the username and password on your compatible EV account. This uses the same process, called OAUTH2, as you might have used to log into a website using your Facebook or Gmail account.

Is my EV username and password secure? Where will they be stored?

Neither ev.energy, nor Nova Scotia Power, will see or store your EV username and password. Once you enter your username and password, they are instantly exchanged with the vehicle manufacturer as a secure token that allows us to be able to continue to access your EV to optimize your charging throughout the program. This token is stored securely in ev.energy’s cloud platform, hosted by Amazon Web Services in The Republic of Ireland.

How will Smart Grid Nova Scotia use my EV to optimize my charging?

Smart Grid Nova Scotia’s partner, ev.energy, will take a reading of your EV’s battery level and then calculate how much energy (kWh) of charging is required, and when, and schedule charging around special events on the Nova Scotia power grid. Your vehicle will always be ready by the time you set in the app.

How much can I earn?

You can save $20/month off your bill if you sign up and participate for the full program. This means you must stay connected during the month and only “boost” charging less than 25% of the time.

How do I receive my monthly bill credits?

You will receive your rewards as an on-bill credit to your monthly power bill.

Why do I have to provide information on my home charger and EV?

Providing Smart Grid Nova Scotia with this information helps us accurately report your charging data in-app, as well as effectively respond to any inquiries or questions about your charging experience.

How do I stop participating in the program?

You are free to stop participating in the program at any time. Simply disconnect your vehicle from the Smart Grid Nova Scotia app and email us to confirm your withdrawal at support@ev.energy

What happens to my data if I want to disconnect my EV from the Smart Grid Nova Scotia app?

Once you disconnect your EV, we will no longer be able to read charging data from your vehicle. Any data from previous charging sessions will be combined with other customers’ data. The aggregate data will be analyzed by Smart Grid Nova Scotia to assess the benefits of the program and ways in which we may better serve EV customers in the future. You will need to re-enter your login details to reconnect to the platform.

How many EVs can I enroll in the Smart Grid Nova Scotia pilot?

You can enroll a maximum of one EV in the Smart Grid Nova Scotia Pilot, per account.

Can I participate if I am on the time-of-day (TOD) rate?

Yes. Time-of-day customers are eligible for participation in the program provided they meet other program eligibility requirements. Critical peak pilot pricing customers are not eligible.

What happens if I close my Nova Scotia Power account or sell my vehicle during the pilot program?

If you close your account or sell your vehicle during the program you will no longer be included in the program and will not be eligible for any further credits.

What happens after I register?

Your eligibility will be verified, and a registration email will be sent to you. Unfortunately, not all applications can be accepted.

I own an incompatible vehicle. Why can’t I participate?

Unfortunately, not all vehicle manufacturers have enabled the communications capability required for connection to the app and the utility. We’re hopeful more vehicles will be supported in the future.

Why is my vehicle not eligible?

Vehicles are chosen for the program based on the availability of the technology in the vehicle that enables its connection over the air to the ev.energy app. Unfortunately, not all vehicles have this technology, or if they do, not all manufacturer’s allow their vehicles to be fully connected to meet all program requirements. 

Note that your vehicle may be listed in the app even if it is not compatible with the program.

Do I need to connect my charger to the ev.energy app?

No. Smart Grid Nova Scotia and the ev.energy app connect directly to your compatible vehicle, so there is no need to connect your charger. During the charger selection phase of registration, please tap "I have something else" and enter your charger make. ev.energy will store but not use the value you enter.

If your vehicle is not listed in the compatible vehicle list, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the program using your charger.

Contact Us

Have more questions about our ev.energy smart charging pilot or our Smart Grid Nova Scotia program? Contact the team at smartgrid@nspower.ca or phone 902-428-6236.