Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Pilot 

Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Pilot

As we continue to add more clean energy to the grid, innovation is more important than ever. That’s why Smart Grid Nova Scotia is testing new ways technology can help us build a greener future. In a smart grid, individual pieces of the electrical system communicate with one another, so the entire electrical system can use energy more efficiently and reliably. 

Electric Vehicles are one critical piece of our future smart grid. As EVs become more common, we want to learn how they can make a difference.


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The Program is Closed

Please note this pilot program is now closed. You can subscribe to our mailing list for future updates.



What we Learned

The EV Smart Charging Program was built around an easy-to-use app on the EV owner’s phone. The app gave pilot participants control of their EV charging and insight into their power usage, while helping us lower overall power usage from electric vehicles during peak times, when more people are drawing power from the grid.

Our team would send notifications to participants of periods we planned to influence their car charging (peak periods) and participants could opt-out if required. By allowing us to shift charging to off-peak times (like overnight), we could reduce the overall demand on the electrical system. Participants' EVs will still got charged as they needed to—quickly.

It’s a win for customers, the grid, and our environment.

Customers can still download the ev.energy app to test this technology out and help make a difference for the environment.



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