Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Program

Investing in our future: Electric Vehicle Smart Charging program

As a Canadian leader in reducing carbon emissions, we are working on new ways to bring more clean energy to our grid. To add more renewables and further improve efficiencies, we need to be even more innovative—which is where the Smart Grid Nova Scotia program comes in. In a smart grid, individual pieces of the electrical system communicate with one another, so the entire electrical system can use energy more efficiently and reliably.

Electric vehicle (EV) smart chargers are one critical piece of our future smart grid infrastructure. We want to learn more about how EV smart chargers can help make a difference.  It's why we invited Nova Scotians to apply to install a ChargePoint® Home Flex EV smart charging system and share in the value of this technology.


Participants in our pilot program will benefit their home and the entire power system.

Green energy - EV smart charging helps make the most of renewable power that is generated.

Control - The charger’s mobile app gives participants convenient access to all charger features.

Faster charging - This Level 2 smart charger provides efficient charging for electric vehicles. 

Confidence - Smart chargers are safely installed by a trained, authorized contractor.

How the program works

The Smart Grid Nova Scotia program will help us determine our ability to lower power usage by electric vehicle chargers during peak times. By shifting demand to off-peak times (overnight, for example), we can reduce the overall demand on the electrical system, use greener energy, and ultimately lower electricity costs to Nova Scotians.

To help reduce peak load, participants will provide our team with control of the charging cycles of their EV smart charging system. By allowing us to limit charging during peak times, it’s one way we can learn how to make the most of our system capacity. We'll also be asking for participants' feedback throughout the pilot to get a better understanding of how the program and technology is working for them.

EV's will get charged as they need to—quickly.  As a result, the electrical system all Nova Scotians rely on will be used more efficiently and sustainably.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the ChargePoint Home Flex?

You can learn more about the ChargePoint Home Flex on our Product 101 Page, here

What does control of charging cycles mean?

We are able to communicate with the EV smart chargers and control the speed of charging over the internet in order to shift charging demand from one time of day to another. 

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Smart Grid Nova Scotia is comprised of customer programs that will be rolled out over the coming months. You may be eligible for all programs, but will need to apply for each product as they become available.