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Finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor for your home electrification needs can be overwhelming. That's why at NS Power, we've created a network of preferred contractors who are pre-vetted to meet the highest industry standards and are experienced in a range of electric based heating and cooling solutions for your home. 



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Our preferred contractors are your trusted experts when it comes to making smart decisions for your home's energy needs. From panel upgrades and heat pumps to electric thermal storage and water heaters, they have the knowledge and skills to find the ideal electric solution that fits your unique requirements.


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Our contractors meet the highest industry standards and safety requirements. Count on them for prompt, reliable, and trustworthy service.
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Benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience in finding the perfect electric solution for your specific needs.
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Rest easy knowing our preferred contractors are highly trained and certified by the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency, ensuring you receive the best possible service from qualified experts who understand your electrical requirements.


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