Can I pay using online banking?

Yes. Visit your bank's website and select Nova Scotia Power as a payee.

Can I set my own Equal Billing payment?

You can't set the payment, which is based on your estimated power use for the year, divided into 12 equal monthly payments.

You can change your habits to use less power, reducing the amount of electricity your annual calculation is based upon.

Can I set the due date for my monthly Equal Billing?

Equal Billing customers who also sign up on our automatic payment plan can select the date their payment comes out of the bank. Please note this is a separate service from customers registered on MyAccount who set their own recurring payments.

Do I have to stay on Equal Billing?

No. You can ask to be removed from the Equal Billing plan at any time. When you make the change, the balance owing on your account will need to be paid by the due-date shown on your last bill. This amount is shown as Total Amount Due on your bill.

Does the Equal Billing plan save me money?

No. Equal Billing can help you manage your budget by spreading the cost of your annual electricity use over 12 equal monthly payments.

Equal Billing customers pay the same energy rates as customers on the Bi-Monthly Billing Plan.

How can I see if my Equal Billing payments are covering my usage?

Once you’re on the plan, keep an eye on the Total Amount Due. This is your actual amount owing (or credited to your account). It reflects the power you’ve used and the Equal Billing payments you’ve made. This number will fluctuate throughout the year, since power use changes, but your Equal Billing payments are the same for 12 months.

Mid-year is a good time to take a close look and see if Equal Billing is working for you. If your summer bill shows a Total Amount Due of more than 3 times your monthly payment amount, you may want to contact us to see if your monthly payment should be changed. As the end of the year approaches, your Total Amount Due should be getting closer to zero.

If at any time you’re concerned the Equal Billing amount may not be enough to cover your power use for the year, call us. We can discuss whether your monthly payment should change.

How do I set up paperless billing?

When you sign up for MyAccount you are automatically signed up to receive your bills electronically. If you need support registering please visit Create or Manage You Account.

Why is the Equal Billing anniversary in January?

Your Equal Billing amount is recalculated in January because any rate changes take effect at the same time. This helps ensure your Equal Billing amount doesn't change throughout the year.

Why is there a mid-year review and adjustment of my account?

To ensure your monthly payment amount is on track with your most recent 12 months of usage, and you're closer to a zero balance at year-end. Learn more here.


Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

  Yes, you're welcome to apply for any jobs that you believe match your skills and career aspirations.

Can I submit my resume without applying to a specific job?

Yes, you can submit your resume to our database for future opportunities by sending us an email at

Do I have to answer all of the online questions even if the answers are in my resume?

Yes, questions with * are mandatory.

How do I apply for a job?

Applying for a job is simple! Once you’ve found a job that you’re interested in, click on the "Apply for this position" button, complete a profile, answer the job-specific questions and attach your resume.

How long do jobs stay posted on the site?

Most jobs are open for two weeks but others may stay open until the position is filled. It’s a good idea to visit the web site often.

Now that I have submitted my resume, How long will it take before I am contacted for an interview?

You will receive an acknowledgement that your resume has been received. After the closing date resumes are evaluated and we compile a shortlist of suitable candidates. Only applicants selected for the shortlist will be invited to attend an interview.

How long will you keep my resume?

Your application will be kept for a minimum of six months. However, to ensure the information is current, candidates are encouraged to regularly update their profile.

Is a cover letter required for all applications?

  A cover letter is optional; however, it does help us to get to know you better.

Where can I learn more about Nova Scotia Power before applying?

You can learn more about us through different areas of our web site: how we generate electricity (page link), our renewable energy projects (Clean & Green), energy saving programs (/community/income-based-programs) and community engagement (/community/investments). Follow us on social media on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram (, LinkedIn ( to see what we’re up to!

Why is salary information not listed on job postings?

For non-unionized positions, salary information is not listed on our job postings as we recognize that candidates may bring differing levels of skills, education and experience to our open postings. For unionized positions, salary information is available.

Will my personal information be protected when I submit my application?

Emera is committed to protecting personal information that is provided to us. All of the personal information collected when you submit your application will only be used for the purpose of recruitment and hiring.


Can I pay using online banking?

Yes. Visit your bank's website and select Nova Scotia Power as a payee.

How can I contact you?

Visit our Customer Service page to find all the ways you can contact us. 

How do I set up paperless billing?

When you sign up for MyAccount you are automatically signed up to receive your bills electronically. If you need support registering please visit Create or Manage You Account.

I can’t pay the full amount on my bill. How can I contact you?

You can call us or request an arrangement online through our Make A Payment Arrangement form. 

I'm moving. Can I transfer service in MyAccount?

Yes. Visit our Move Power form within MyAccount. Please give us 10 business days to move your connection, and please be advised that a security deposit may be required.

Some municipalities operate their own electric service. If you live in Antigonish, Berwick, Canso, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay or Riverport, please contact your local provider to request service. 

What is equal billing?

Our Equal Billing Plan can help you manage your budget by spreading the cost of your annual electricity use over 12 equal monthly payments. To learn if equal billing is right for you or to sign-up using our on-line form, visit Consider Equal Billing

Smart Meters

Are you recycling old meters?

Meters that are deemed to have no further operating value will be recycled with nearly 100% of the meter’s components – aluminum, copper, stainless steel – being repurposed. Only trace amounts of the meter and some plastics are processed at a landfill. We have partnered with Bay, Metal Inc. to manage the disposal and recycling of old meters.

Can I book an appointment to have my meter upgraded at a later date?

Yes. Customers can book appointments to have their meter upgraded by contacting out Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230. 

Didn’t other communities install smart meters that caused fires?

We recognize that some jurisdictions encountered challenges when smart meters were initially deployed. Smart meter technology has matured rapidly, and the latest generation do not have the same issues that were encountered in the past. Today in Canada, smart meters are safely used in 70% of all households and businesses and Nova Scotia Power has benefited from the experience of others and applied the lessons learned. Our meters meet or exceed industry regulations and standards that are in place to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and customers.

Our supplier, Itron conducts rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure safety, accuracy and reliability. Before installation in the field, all meters are tested in accordance with safety standards established by a number of industry standards bodies. To date, more than 80 million CENTRON meters (including 20 million OpenWay CENTRON and OpenWay Riva CENTRON smart meters) have been successfully installed in North America without any safety issues. We use CENTRON meters. 

We’re confident our smart meters are safe.

Do smart meters cause fires?

Our supplier, Itron conducts rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure safety, accuracy and reliability. Before installation in the field, all meters are tested in accordance with safety standards established by a number of industry standards bodies. To date, more than 80 million CENTRON meters (including 20 million OpenWay CENTRON and OpenWay Riva CENTRON smart meters) have been successfully installed in North America without any safety issues. We use CENTRON meters.

Today, more than 70% of Canadian homes and businesses safely use smart meter technology. In addition to benefiting from the learnings of others, we are using state-of-the-art smart meters that meet or exceed government regulations and safety standards as set by Measurement Canada, Health Canada Safety Code 6, and Underwriters Laboratories. Underwriters Laboratories is an internationally recognized standard-setting organization which uses extensive safety research and scientific expertise to ensure product safety, including managing the risk of fire.  

Do smart meters cause power surges?

If the property owner’s electrical infrastructure is to code, there is no issue.

In some cases, pre-existing customer wiring, electrical deficiencies and/or overloading at the customer’s home or business can cause the meter socket or other electrical equipment to overheat. When this occurs, we work directly with the home or business owner to ensure any unsafe conditions are corrected and ensure the customer’s electrical system meets all regulations. This means we need to assign an inspector to ensure the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code are met. To ensure safety, we often need to disconnect the customer’s power supply until the deficiencies are corrected. Working with our customers to correct these issues means that Nova Scotia homes and businesses are safer — an additional benefit to installing new, state of the art technology. 

How can I verify my meter upgrade technician’s identity?

Your meter technician will arrive in a co-branded vehicle and will be wearing co-branded safety gear with Nova Scotia Power and Tribus Services logos. Additionally, your technician will have an identification badge with the Nova Scotia Power logo and ‘Authorized Contractor’ included on it.

How do I know if smart meters are safe?

Safety is always our first priority. Smart meters are currently used in 70% of Canadian homes and businesses and we’re confident the meters used for our smart meter upgrade are safe, accurate, and secure. All meters we use meet or exceed industry regulations and standards, which are in place to help ensure the health and safety of our customers, and employees. Our smart meters adhere to a list of standards established by third party organizations. To learn more, visit the sites below:

The smart meters we’re installing also meet Underwriters Laboratories safety standard 2735. This safety standard is a written document that outlines the process in which smart meters are tested to help mitigate risk, injury or danger. Underwriters Laboratories is an internationally recognized standard-setting organization which combines extensive safety research, scientific expertise and an uncompromising focus on quality. Our supplier is required to provide us with smart meters that have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories. In October 2018, our supplier, Itron, received a notice of completion and authorization to apply the Underwriters Laboratories mark, indicating that our meters complied with their safety requirements. 


How do I opt out of receiving a smart meter and what are the fees?

If you opt out of upgrading from a smart meter you will be selecting a non-standard meter service and will be charged a fee to provide that service to ensure costs are not passed on to other customers. These fees have been estimated as follows:

  • Customers whose meters are currently read every two months will pay a fee of approximately $4 per month. This fee and the number of times a meter is read annually, is subject to review and approval by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB). Customers will not be charged these fees or experience a change in the number of times their meter is read annually until approval is received from the UARB.
  • Customers whose meters are currently read each month will continue to have monthly reads and pay a fee of approximately $22 per month.

This calculation is subject to the review and approval of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB). These fees are an estimate and will not be charged to customers until the smart meter upgrade is complete and approval is received from the UARB to begin charging fees.

In order to opt out, you are required to review and submit an opt out acknowledgement form and a member of our Customer Care Centre will contact you to confirm your selection. 

Residential Customers, click here.

Business Customers, click here.

Customers who opt-out may, at any time, opt back in at no cost.

How do I read my new smart meter?

Our smart meter network won’t be turned on until 2021 which means we must still manually read the meters for billing purposes. While this is done approximately every 60 days by Nova Scotia Power, our customers often want to read the meter for themselves. Here’s how:

  • All smart meters cycle through several screens before they get to the screen displaying the kWh reading. These initial screens are normal.
  • For a residential smart meter customer, the screen that shows the kWh usage will appear with a code d1 to the left. This screen will also display the kilowatt hours used (kWh).
  • When manually reading a smart meter, residential customers should record the numbers that appear on the d1 screen.
  • Not sure if you have a smart meter? Our smart meters are branded with the name, OpenWay Riva. Most residential customers would have meters with a light blue label. The screens are digital. In addition, all smart meters have a seven-digit number beneath the bar code and that number always starts with a '2'. 

Need help? Our Customer Care centre will be happy to walk you through the process. You can call them at 1.800.428.6230.

How will smart meters communicate energy usage information back to Nova Scotia Power?

Nova Scotia Power is building a secure and private communication network (we will not be using your WiFi). When meters have been upgraded and the communication network is up and running, meters will use wireless communication to securely transmit your energy usage information to Nova Scotia Power.

How will smart meters work in areas with limited cellular coverage?

Smart meters and supporting technology are not reliant on a cellular network at your home or business to function. The data collected by the smart meter is transmitted through a secure and private network.


However, about 0.2% of our customers are located in such remote locations that even our network can’t efficiently operate. As a result, these customers will have to maintain a manually-read meter. 

I have a time-of-day meter. What do I need to know about my upgrade, and will my rates change with a new smart meter?

If you are currently enrolled in time-of-day (TOD) rates using a home heating system your rates will not change with a new smart meter, but you may need a standalone timer to be installed at the same time as your meter upgrade. Here’s what you need to know:

  • We will contact all TOD customers by mail, requesting they call our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230 so we can determine if their home heating system requires a timer. Only TOD customers who have an Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) unit that is connected to their meter will require this timer.
  • If a customer requires a timer, we will book an appointment and will arrange for a certified electrician to visit their property. The electrician will install the timer and complete the smart meter upgrade. This process takes about an hour to complete with a momentary loss of power.
  • If a customer does not require a timer, a technician will simply remove their meter and replace it with a new smart meter. This process takes less than 15 minutes to complete with a momentary loss of power.

Once all meters in the province are upgraded, we will begin turning on smart technology which will help customers better manage electricity costs, improve response time in the event of an outage, and make connecting or disconnecting power easier and faster.

I live in a condo and the meters are inside. Does that mean your technicians will enter the building? Is that safe?

We will work with building management to gain entry and will ensure that information about the smart meter upgrade is posted in the lobby or another suitable area that would be visible to residents. Our technician will wear personal protective equipment including cloth masks and gloves and will wipe work surfaces with disinfectant. Physical distancing will be maintained, and the technician will keep any interaction with residents as brief as possible.

As a Nova Scotia Power customer, you will receive advance notification about the smart meter upgrades in your building. We will contact you at least two weeks prior through the mail, and by an automated telephone call. In addition, your property manager will be contacted approximately two weeks in advance of the upgrade occurring. 

I live in a large apartment building where many smart meters will be installed. Should I be worried about radio frequency emissions?

Radio frequency exposure levels in smart meters are far below Canadian and international safety limits. Even in places where multiple smart meters are installed together, as in high-rise buildings, the total exposure levels from multiple smart meters will still be far below Health Canada's exposure limits. 

Health Canada provides lots of information about the safe exposure limits to radio frequency from wireless devices. 

I’m a time-of-day customer that requires a timer. What kind of timer will be installed and is there a warranty for the timer?

We will be installing OMRON Digital Daily Time Switch (H5F) timers and yes, there is a lifetime warranty on the timer for as long as the customer owns the property where the timer was installed (the “Warranty Period”).

If you run into any issues with your timer during the warranty period, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230 and we will be happy to assist, and if required, exchange the timer at no cost to you.*

*If the damage is deemed to have been caused by the customer or the customer’s negligence, the ETS timer will not be covered by the above noted warranty. Nova Scotia Power shall not be liable for any damages in the event damages are as a result of an act of God. In the event the damage is caused by Nova Scotia Power’s negligence or wilful misconduct, direct damages shall be the sole remedy. In no event shall Nova Scotia Power be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages to any persons or property resulting from or arising out of any installation, use, repair, delay in repairing, replacement, modification or removal of the equipment.

If I opt out can I keep my current meter? What if I want an analog meter?

Customers who opt out will retain their current meter. If they opt out after receiving a smart meter, the communication device within the smart meter will be turned off and their energy usage will be manually read.

We do not intend on using analog meters in the long term because these meters are obsolete. In fact, we have not purchased analog meters in ten years. Since 2010, analog meters have been replaced with a safe, Measurement Canada approved, non-communicating meters. 

Is the east coast environment inhospitable to smart meters?

We’re confident that smart meters can operate safely and effectively in Nova Scotia. A life test report on the smart meter we use, the OpenWay Riva Centron, was filed with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. This report examined operational performance in various conditions including issues relating to moisture infiltration.

It is normal to have a small amount of moisture condensate with-in the cover of any type of meter including an old analog or new smart meter, especially at times of the year where temperature fluctuations are common. This will normally dry up quickly on a warm day. If a customer feels it is excessive, they should contact our Customer Care Centre at 1.800.428.6230 and they would be happy to assist and send a crew to investigate if necessary. 

What are collectors and where will they be installed?

Collectors (also known as Connected Grid Routers or “CGRs”) relay energy usage information from smart meters to Nova Scotia Power.

We began building the smart meter communication network in August 2019. This includes the installation of 544 CGRs.

What are radio frequency emissions and do smart meters have them?

All devices that use wireless communication produce radio frequency (RF) emissions, also referred to as “RF energy”, including common household items such as computers, wi-fi routers, and cellular phones. According to the Government of Canada, smart meters generate about the same RF energy as a cell phone and less than a microwave oven.

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 sets the safe exposure limits for RF energy from wireless devices. The code reflects an ongoing review of published scientific studies related to safe human exposure to RF energy, including non-thermal effects. The OpenWay Riva Centron meter we’re installing adheres to Safety Code 6. The RF emissions from this smart meter are significantly below the limits set through Safety Code 6.   

Since RF energy exposure levels in smart meters are far below Canadian and international safety limits, Health Canada does not require any precautionary measures to be taken. In cases where multiple smart meters are installed together, as in high-rise buildings, the total exposure levels from multiple smart meters will still be far below Health Canada's RF energy exposure limits. 

For more information, please visit Government of Canada, Radio Frequency Energy and Safety. This Health Canada website also provides more information about RF energy emitted from smart meters and why it does not pose a health risk. 

What are the environmental benefits of using smart meters?

Smart meters will allow us to provide customers with faster, more effective service and keep rates stable. While we’re committed to a clean energy future, we have not made any specific commitments relating to the environmental benefits of smart meters. However, given the ability to monitor energy use more frequently and in greater detail, we expect many customers will turn off unneeded appliances, change to more efficient lighting, adjust thermostats and make other energy-saving changes that save money and reduce emissions. In addition, smart meters reduce emissions associated with performing services such as connections, disconnections and meter readings where vehicles are required.

 Smart meters also provide the foundation for a new, and smarter, energy grid that will enable more wind and solar generation, battery storage and electric vehicles. A modern power grid is more energy efficient which helps manage costs while also acting as a catalyst for a cleaner environment.


What if I move into a house that doesn’t have a smart meter, how do I get my meter upgraded?

You can call our Customer Care Centre at 1.800.428.6230 at any time to have your meter upgraded to a smart meter at no cost.

What information will smart meters send?

Smart meters will collect and send information related to energy usage and power quality in a secure, encrypted format. They will not communicate information to Nova Scotia Power such as:

  • The specific electronics a customer is using throughout the day.
  • Customer names, addresses or account numbers. 

What PPE are you using?

Our technicians will knock at the customer’s door before beginning their work. They will wear a cloth mask and gloves. Additionally, they will have safety glasses with them and will wear them if required. 

What steps are you taking to ensure the safety of your customers and employees?

Our technicians have received training and safety protocols established by the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer of Health will be followed. This includes:

  • Wearing personal protective equipment including cloth masks and gloves.
  • Wiping surfaces before and after their work with disinfectant.
  • Maintaining physical distancing and keeping any interaction with customers as brief as possible.

Guidelines for technicians have also been developed to address coughing/sneezing etiquette, hand washing hygiene and how to properly maintain personal protective equipment. A comprehensive process to track the health and travel of employees and contractors has been put in place. 

What will you do with my energy usage data? Is it kept private?

Nova Scotia Power takes the privacy of customer information very seriously. We do not sell personal information and only share it with third parties in limited circumstances in order to provide services to customers. For example, e-billing and credit card transactions are managed by third parties (financial institutions). We also use third parties to collect payments and process data on our behalf.

The steps we take to protect customer information is specified in our privacy policy.

Who will be upgrading my current meter to a smart meter?

Our smart meter installation partner is Tribus Services. They were selected because of their extensive experience in safely completing large scale smart meter upgrades. They have completed more than two million upgrades in Canada, including specific experience with deploying the OpenWay Riva Centron meter. Tribus Services technicians are trained to safely and efficiently install smart meters. Their work is reviewed by inspectors, who conduct quality assurance audits on the upgrades.

The technicians are also trained to identify pre-existing problems at the customer’s home or business. If a potential safety issue is identified, they will not perform the smart meter upgrade. Instead, they will alert Nova Scotia Power that an investigation is required and that repairs are needed before the smart meter upgrade can proceed. 

Why did you suspend the upgrades back in March? What’s different now?

We suspended smart meter upgrades due to emerging pandemic conditions and restrictions. This pause gave us time to review and refine our safety protocols and acquire more protective equipment. We are confident we can perform smart meter upgrades in a way that fulfills pandemic protocols and protects our customers and employees.

Why is there a fee for opting out?

The estimated fee to opt out covers the cost of providing a non-standard level of service. While the manual reading of meters is a component of this fee, it is not the only cost that is incurred to maintain legacy meters and supporting infrastructure. The opt out fee is an estimate and is subject to review and final approval by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB). It is our expectation that the UARB will review existing rates, which include meter reading costs, and opt out rates at the time of the next General Rate Application. 

 Estimated fees will not be charged to customers until the smart meter upgrade is complete and approval is received from the UARB to begin charging fees. 

Will electricity rates increase because of smart meters?

No. Our investment in smart meters and supporting technology will enable us to provide customers with faster, more effective service and help keep rates stable. 

Will I be charged for a smart meter?

No. There is no charge to upgrade to a smart meter.



Will my generator work with a smart meter?

Smart meters will not impact household generators, so long as the generator is properly connected. This includes the common brand used in Nova Scotia, called GenerLink. A properly installed generator does not connect to any type of meter as this would be a hazard. For example, many of our customers use a product called GenerLink which connects to the generator not the power meter. The GenerLink device disconnects the meter and the service supply from the street preventing a back feed from the generator (back feed is a condition in which electricity from a generator flows back into the utility’s electric distribution system through the home’s breaker panel, causing a hazard. Back feed occurs if your home is not properly disconnected from the utility grid before using a generator).

GenerLink (along with other approved transfer devices) automatically disconnect a home from the utility’s electric distribution system when a generator is operating, eliminating back feed. This is a safe and proper way of connecting a generator to the permanent wiring of the home while disconnecting the meter and utility supply. The Canadian Electrical Code requires that these transfer devices be installed to prevent a generator from back feeding — ensuring only one source of supply can be connected to the wiring in the home at any one time. As a result, customers with these type of devices do not need to modify their generator prior to a smart meter upgrade, so long as it is connected properly.

More information about generator installation and safety can be found on Nova Scotia Power’s web site.

Will smart meters make my bill go up?

No. There are a number of factors that affect your bill, including the amount of energy you use, but a smart meter will not increase it.   

If your bill seems higher than usual, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 1.800.428.6230 and they will be happy to assist. 

Electricity meters in Canada, including analog meters, digital meters and smart meters, are regulated by Measurement Canada and undergo rigorous and regular testing for quality and accuracy. Measurement Canada regulations ensure that power consumption calculations are accurate.  

Learn more about Measurement Canada regulations:

Will smart meters transmit data all day?

Our smart meters will collect power consumption data every 15 minutes and transmit this data back to Nova Scotia Power via a secure connection four times a day. We expect the duty cycle — the total time meters are transmitting — to be very brief, representing an average of 0.21% in a 24-hour period (approximately three minutes per day). This estimate reflects studies in other jurisdictions using similar technology.  

Will time-of-day rates be available with smart meters?

Since 1997, we’ve provided time-of-day rates to residential customers who have Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) units. These units store heat at off peak times and release heat during the daytime when rates are higher, saving them money. Learn more here.

As part of the smart meter approval process, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board asked that time varying pricing tariff options be provided for consideration. Through stakeholder consultation, we will examine various options and seek solutions that reflect the energy needs of our customers, including a recognition that customers want options that support rate stability and affordability. Time-of-day tariffs will be voluntary.

Will you conduct upgrades in senior care facilities?

Yes. We are contacting the management of these facilities to identify an appropriate time to complete smart meter upgrades. We recognize the pressure COVID-19 has put on these facilities and its residents and we’ll do the smart meter upgrade work when it’s convenient. As always, safety will be our priority. When the upgrades are scheduled, all health and safety protocols established by the care facility managers and Nova Scotia Health will be followed.