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We know our customers want a cleaner, greener future - and so do we. That's why we're working towards 80% renewable by 2030. Solar electricity is a great way to add more renewable energy to your home and the grid, contributing to a greener future for the province. There are two ways you can power your home with clean solar electricity – you can install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at your home or you may be able to subscribe to solar power from a community solar garden.

Solar benefits

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Green Energy

Solar energy is one of the most natural ways of powering your home, supporting a sustainable future.
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Save Money

You’ll save money on your energy costs over time by earning bill credits for the energy you deliver back to the grid.

Types of Solar electricity and Other Considerations

Solar electricity can help generate clean energy for your home, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making you an active participant in powering a greener province. Adding solar to your property is a major investment decision and should be thoroughly researched so you can feel confident in your investment. To evaluate your options, get a handful of quotes from only qualified contractors.

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