Generate Electricity from Solar

Generate Electricity from Solar

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system can generate electricity for your home or business, helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and makes you an active participate in the growing green energy sector.

Solar photovoltaic panels

Solar PV panels convert the sun’s light directly into electricity. They work best in full sun but, will also produce electricity on cloudy days.

Each panel generates a fixed amount of energy per hour of sun; the more panels you have, the more electricity the system generates.

Solar hot water or solar air heating systems heat the water or air by the sun. In a solar PV system, the electricity generated can be used both on site or sold to your electric utility.

Smart Inverters

Inverters are essential components in your solar power system, converting the direct current from your photovoltaic panels into alternating current supplying power for appliances and the electricity grid.

Smart inverters have advanced capabilities for monitoring, two-way data communication, and control. They show you online how much power you are producing, alert you if something is not working, and even provide support to the electricity grid to help keep voltage and frequency steady.

Ask your solar contractor about smart inverters for your solar installation. As is the case with all energy products, we recommend that you engage a qualified contractor from the start to avoid any additional costs during installation.

Pair it with battery storage

Pair solar photovoltaic panels with a professional battery storage system to dispatch clean energy whenever you need it.

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