Powering Our Communities

You count on us to provide reliable, safe electricity every day. We’re strengthening our system through new technology, innovation and proactive planning.

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Today's Energy Stats

Where is your electricity coming from?

Delivering clean, affordable energy for Nova Scotians is our mission and commitment. We believe in building a greener future for our province, and that’s why we’ve made our transition to renewable energy a priority.

Natural Gas & Oil
Solid Fuel
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By the Numbers

How we're powering our communities

31,800 km

of power lines across Nova Scotia

170 power line technicians 

working throughout the province

Over 600 employees

making electricity in our power plants and facilities

365 days a year

committed to working safely
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Products for Your Home

Saving energy benefits the earth as a whole by conserving resources and reducing pollution, but it also cushions your personal pocketbook over time. Explore energy efficient products and services that help you waste less energy and cut costs on your monthly bill to save you money.


Heat Pumps

Invest in the benefits of a heat pump with the help of our network of contractors and easy, on-bill financing.
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Electric Thermal Storage

Pair with our time-of-day rate to store heat overnight when rates are over 40% lower and enjoy comfortable heat throughout the day.
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Did You Know?

We invest over $20 million each year in tree trimming to prevent power outages.