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Plugged In: Energy news, tips & ideas

Energy Efficient Products for Your Home

A white heat pump

Heat Pump

The most efficient way to heat your home since they move hot and cold air around rather than produce it.
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An electric thermal storage

Electric Thermal Storage

Pair with our time-of-day rate to store heat overnight when rates are over 40% lower and enjoy comfortable heat throughout the day.
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heat pump water heater

Water Heater

Can be electric, or part of an efficient heat pump home heating system, and can even take advantage of solar heat. We can help you find the right water heater for your needs.
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Did You Know?

In 2023, we invested $220 million in new equipment, upgrades, refurbishments, and tree trimming province-wide. We also invested an additional $32 million in tree trimming, which will continue to increase to almost $45 million in 2024. Learn how we maintain, strengthen, and continue to improve our system >