Building & Renovating

Building & Renovating

Are you building or renovating a commercial or multi-residential building? We can help make the process easy.

Planning and Approval

  • We recommend making an appointment with our Design Review Team before beginning construction and even before you submit initial plans to your municipality. We can help review your plans, and ensure our infrastructure meets your needs throughout the construction phase.
  • An important part of this initial planning stage is the review and approval of your electrical plans. Your electrical contractor or engineering firm should have plans ready in advance so we may identify any complex requirements needed during your construction phase. This could include a primary service, and the need for inspections of any civil work to ensure it meets standards.
  • We’ll identify and discuss any capital costs such as power line extensions so you can be fully informed before construction begins.
  • Once your project has municipal approval and timelines are in place, we’ll review takeaways from the Design Review Team including key dates for your temporary power needs, wiring and inspections, metering and occupancy.

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