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Our team can help provide energy solutions tailored to your business. We’ll help find the right solution that can save you money and contribute to to a greener Nova Scotia.

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 NSP_Site_Icon_Chat_Blue_50x50Manage the process

We make it easy. Our team is dedicated to making this process simple for you from start to finish. We provide the oversight to see the project through as a complementary service for you.

NSP_Site_Icon_LightBulb_Blue_50x50Make informed decisions

We are leading the way in innovation and continually exploring options to provide the most efficient energy solutions for all your heating and cooling needs. Our team offers unbiased advice to determine the best solution for your business.

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We will connect you with trusted professionals from our Preferred Contractor Network to ensure you have a positive experience and quality results.

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We care about your business. The energy solutions we recommend will provide cost savings you can reinvest in your business.

A tailor-made solution for DuPrat Design

Meet Kelly and Dustin of DuPrat Design.  Here's how our team simplified the process and provided unbiased advise to determine the best heating solution for their business. Through our trusted network of contractors and manufacturers, Kelly and Dustin's experience was seamless and easy from start to finish.


Our team can help connect you with our network of preferred contractors, like Ted from Wagner Refrigeration. Our Business Solutions team connected Ted with Kelly and Dustin of DuPrat Design to help determine and install the best heating energy solution for their business.

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