Service Provider Program


We are committed to providing customers with reliable and efficient electrical services.

This new training program enables Certified electrical contractors to become Nova Scotia Power service providers. The training teaches participants how to disconnect and remove residential meters, resulting in an even more reliable and efficient service for customers.



  • Qualified to disconnect services at the weather head attached to buildings (applies to Electrical Services, 30 to 200amp, 120/240v, and single phase. Meter removal is for 30–200amp, 120/240v, self-contained 4-jaw meters).
  • Ability to provide a one-stop service for your customers with a more simplified process.
  • Opportunity to create your own comprehensive and competitive pricing with no additional service fees.


The annual fee for this program is $200 + taxes. Service providers are only required to be on-site to perform service disconnects and meter removal. Documents and the meter box are to remain on site for Inspector verification.

  • This program must be completed every three years.
  • Work is to be completed by the NS Power service provider only. Permits must be requested for the company you are registered with or for yourself.
  • Compliance audits will be done annually. Inspector spot checks will be completed at random.
  • All arc flash equipment must be purchased and brought to the chosen session for verification.
  • Proof of liability insurance: $1,000,000.
  • Proof of Workers Compensation Board coverage

The required equipment and PPE includes:

  1. Meter Removal Tool – $480 + taxes
  2. Meter Storage Box – $40 + taxes
  3. Arc Flash Face Shield – 8 cal Rating
  4. Arc Flash Gloves (Recertified every four months) – Class 0 glove with protective cover
  5. Arch Flash Coveralls (Full body) – 8 cal rating

PPE can be purchased from the following locations:

Arc flash clothing can be purchased at Acklands-Grainger, McLoughlan Supplies, DuPont, Fastenal, Harris & Roome, Lumen, Wesco, Rexel, and WearWell Garments.

The meter removal tool and the meter storage box may be purchased from Nova Scotia Power during the training session.

2024 spring training session schedule: 

Training will be offered virtually or in the classroom.

Virtual training will be offered to existing Service Providers that are required to recertify and who have not been subject to previous suspension of their Service Provider Certificate.

In the classroom training will be required for those who are new to the Service Provider Program, previous Service Providers that did not renew in prior years, and any existing Service Provider that needs to renew but has been suspended in the last three years.

The courses will be held on the following dates throughout the year:

2024 Spring Classroom Training Schedule:2024 Spring Virtual Training Schedule:
Tuesday, March 5 – Yarmouth       Tuesday, March 19
Wednesday, March 6 – KentvilleThursday, March 21
Thursday, March 7 – HalifaxTuesday, March 26
Tuesday, March 12 – TruroThursday, March 28
Wednesday, March 13 – AntigonishTuesday, April 23
Thursday, March 14 – SydneyThursday, April 25
Tuesday, April 9 – YarmouthTuesday, April 30
Wednesday, April 10 – BridgewaterThursday, May 2
Thursday, April 11 – Halifax 
Tuesday, April 16 – Truro 
Wednesday, April 17 – Antigonish 
Thursday, April 18 – Sydney 

Download the registration form: 
2024 Service Provider Application

If you have further questions, please email


Safety is our top priority, and that means every person on our team must have the right equipment. It's why we offer two options for glove testing for our Certified Electrical Contractors. This ensures you're always protected.

(1) Regular Exchange: In this scenario, you would drop off all of your gloves and we would have them tested. We would clean, test, and inspect the gloves and then either hold them for pick-up or send them out through the shipping company of your choosing. This exchange is $41+tax per pair. Gloves would be stamped with a maximum four-month expiry unless you specify that you would like them back sooner.

(2) Auto-Exchange: Here, you would provide us with two pairs of gloves. We would clean, test, and inspect all of the gloves (as stated above) and then we would send out half of the gloves and place the other half on our tested shelf. In approximately three months following the initial test, we would ship out the second set that was stored on our shelves. Upon receiving this pair, you would know to gather up your old gloves and send them back to us. This exchange costs $41+tax per pair. Gloves would be stamped with a four-month expiry unless you would like them back sooner.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Protective Equipment Test Centre (PETC)


Salisbury Use & Care of Rubber Gloves

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What is a Nova Scotia Power Service Provider?

A Nova Scotia Power Service Provider is an electrician or electrical contractor who is trained by Nova Scotia Power to disconnect services at the weather head and remove meters in order to perform service upgrades and panel changes.

A service provider may disconnect services attached to residences rated from 30-200amps, 120/240v, and single phase 3 wire.  Meter removal is for 30 to 200amp, 120/240v, self-contained, 4 jaw meters only.

How often will training sessions be offered?

 We will offer training sessions annually. A list of upcoming offerings will be posted at

How long is the training good for?

 Your training certification will be valid for 3 years.

Who can become a Nova Scotia Power Service Provider?

 Any Red Seal Certified Journeyperson Electrician may become a Nova Scotia Power Service Provider.

What is the cost of the training?

The cost of training is covered in your annual fee of $200 + taxes. You are required to have the mandatory equipment and Arc Flash PPE and ensure it is brought to the training session for verification.

What specific equipment do I need to have?

The mandatory equipment and PPE includes:

Meter Removal Tool

Meter Storage Box

Arc Flash Face Shield

Arc Flash Gloves (Recertified every 4 months)

Arch Flash Coveralls (Full body)

Where can I purchase the mandatory equipment and PPE?


Arc Flash Clothing can be purchased at Aucklands-Grainger, McLoughlans, Du Pont, Fastenal, as well as Wearwell Garments.


The Meter Removal Tool and the Meter Storage Box may be purchased from Nova Scotia Power during the training session.

As a Nova Scotia Power Service Provider, who can I pull permits for?

You may request permits in the name of the company you are registered with or under your own name for yourself as the service provider.

What tasks may a service provider not perform?

As a service provider you will not be permitted to:

  • Perform disconnects or meter removals without a permit
  • Reconnect services
  • Re-install meters
  • Do storm related disconnects without permission from Nova Scotia Power
  • Perform disconnects or meter removal for the purpose of installing a gener-link device. A pre-booked appointment with an inspection and line truck is required.