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Case Studies: Energy Products & Services

By working with our Business Solutions team, these organizations were able to make an impact by choosing energy solutions that helped them save money and contribute to a greener province.

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Trinity United Church

Four years ago, Trinity United Church in New Glasgow installed heat pumps and is saving an average of $8650 per year on energy costs. The church council enlisted the help of Winmill Electric, a local company and Nova Scotia Power participating contractor, to propose a heating solution that addressed the specific needs of the 4,000 square ft church that was built in 1927.


Six 24,000 BTU Fujitsu heat pumps displaced the use of the 80 year old oil boiler. Winmill attended council meetings to answer questions and explain how heat pump technology is one of the most efficient heating options and to show the potential cost savings allowing the council to make an informed decision.


In addition to the immediate heating costs savings, the equipment and installation costs will be paid for within five years of installation and at that time the church will benefit from an overall annual energy savings of approximately $8,650 and that’s with the added benefit of cooling during the summer months.


  • Constructed in 1927
  • Approximately 4,000 sqft.
  • Oil boiler was 80 years old
  • Heating and lights $37K/year
  • Contractor: Winmill Electric
  • Financed through NS Power

"Maintaining an inviting environment for our congregation is important and it’s wonderful that we can do that while saving money on our energy bills. Switching to heat pumps was the right solution for Trinity United Church and Windmill Electric was very professional throughout the entire process and maintained a clean and safe work area when installing the heat pumps."

- Rev. Donna Tourneur, Minister 

Sante Centre


Santé Centre is a commercial health and wellness facility based in Bedford, Nova Scotia. The building is home to seven local businesses, each focused on the optimal health of their clients.

The owners of Santé Centre made it a priority to invest in innovative energy efficiency solutions during the design and development of the building. With the help of our team, they implemented a tailored heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to improve comfort for their tenants and reduce annual energy costs. 


A detailed analysis with our team found that a combination of high-performance rooftop heat pumps with zoning terminals and a building automation system was the best solution to meet the varying thermal comfort demands of the building, while minimizing energy usage and costs.


In addition to saving energy year-round, Santé Centre saves approximately $20,000 per year on their energy bill, with forecasted total savings of $150,000.


  • Installed in August 2016
  • Four 10-ton Daikin Rebel rooftop heat pump units
  • Four 800 cfm energy recover ventilators
  • Building automation system (BAS) with energy data monitoring and management
  • Variable air volume (VAV) distribution and zoning system
  • Contractor: PMC Performance
  • Financed through NS Power

"The tenants’ feedback regarding overall comfort has been excellent! The building owners have been very satisfied with their choice to go with a high-performance system and are enjoying the savings."

- Lucas Bowlby, HVAC & Energy Engineer, PMC Energy Performance


Founded in 1788, King’s-Edgehill School (KES) was the first independent school in both Canada and the British Commonwealth.

The school’s administration building, Marshall House, is a historic two-and-a-half story wooden building with sash windows and a gable roof. It is over 100 years old and still maintains its architectural integrity. 

As with other similar buildings in Nova Scotia, the date of the building meant it had an older, oil-based heating system with no ability for cooling or dehumidification. This was a concern because the second floor of Marshall House is home to KES’s archives, where boxes of historic items, documents, and photos are housed. 


A multi-zone high efficiency heat pump solution that provides heating, cooling, and dehumidification.


Five years ago, KES installed heat pumps and has experienced an average savings of $12,800 per year on energy costs. In addition to a reduction in total energy spend, other benefits include cooling during the summer months and overall increased comfort.


  • Installed in May 20155 outdoor condensing units and 16 indoor units, serving 16 zones
  • 3 Daikin 24,000 BTU class configurable tri-zone heat and cool split system
  • 2 Daikin 36,000 BTU class configurable quad-zone heating and cooling split system
  • Contractor: Ready Refrigeration
  • Financed through NS Power

"The heat pumps made a huge improvement in the working conditions during the summer months. Employees were able to work in a comfortable environment which improved overall productivity. This was a great investment on many levels."

- Steve Pothier, Director of Finance & Administration

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