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Case Studies: Energy Products & Services

By working with our Business Solutions team, these organizations were able to make an impact by choosing energy solutions that helped them save money and contribute to a greener province.

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Historic building invests in modern energy technology and gains cost efficiencies 

Built in 1930, the Main Street Station is a well-known historic landmark in Kentville. Today, it houses businesses and apartments, but still retains most of the structural dignity of when it was first built. The existing boiler was inefficient, unreliable, and not sized to meet additional demand from new tenants. The owner completed a complete system retrofit with the install of a new heating and cooling solution. This would be cost-effective throughout its lifecycle.

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Minimizing energy costs for the Town of Digby’s Fire Station 

The Town of Digby has been upgrading many of their buildings to improve energy efficiency and convert fossil fuel-powered energy systems. The Town selected the Digby Fire Station with the goal to reduce operational costs by cutting down their oil consumption, while using as much of the existing infrastructure for easy installation of a new heating and cooling solution. 

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