Self-Generating Option

Self-Generating Option

Effective April 22, 2022, amendments made to the Electricity Act (Bill 145) have introduced a new Self-Generation Option for Nova Scotia Power customers. This option allows any customer to install a generator or battery storage device with a capacity of 27 kW or less that shares the same meter as their home or business.

There is no requirement to apply for this option.

How to proceed:

  1. Speak with a renewable energy installer. A list of installers can be viewed through Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Preferred Partner Directory.
  2. Your chosen installer will discuss the options available to you and help design a system that fits your needs. 
  3. Once your installer has developed a design, the electrical plans will be submitted to Nova Scotia Power’s Inspection Services Team for review and acceptance.
  4. Once your electrical plans have been accepted, your installer will begin installation of your system.
  5. During installation, your installer will request the appropriate on-site electrical inspections such as a rough-in inspection and a final inspection.
  6. Once your system has been installed and the electrical installation has been inspected and accepted, your installer will energize your system.
  7. Your system is now operational.

For more information on the Electrical Plans Review and Permit and Inspection process, please visit Electrical Inspections.

For Installers:  Installer Guide