MyEnergy Insights

Insights into your energy use

Through your Nova Scotia Power online account, MyAccount, you can have access to MyEnergy Insights, a digital tool that details your energy usage by appliance within your home or business. This portal gives you more insights and control over your energy consumption and provides budget-saving tips.

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When the days are cold or more people move to our province, more electricity is required to keep homes and businesses warm and electrified. We're modernizing our grid to manage that increased demand, and that comes with benefits for you, including new tools and technology, like MyEnergy Insights. 

Meet Klong, one of our Customer Service Representatives. Klong breaks down the benefits of MyEnergy Insights in this brief video.


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Energy insights at your fingertips

Energy usage summaries are available by hour, day, month, and year. You can view your energy use by appliance and equipment.
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Notifications to save energy and money

Set up personal energy use and billing notifications to help you control costs. This includes high usage, budget, and energy consumption summaries.
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Personalized energy-saving tips

Helpful energy-saving tips and energy efficient solutions from Efficiency Nova Scotia to help lower your energy consumption including information on programs, and rebates to help you save energy.

Residential Customers

Learn how MyEnergy Insights works and how to start making the most of this helpful tool.

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MyEnergy Insights has been developed specifically to meet your unique needs as a solar customer. You'll now have access to comprehensive and easy-to-understand analytics that empower you to optimize your energy usage and make informed decisions. In your personalized portal, you can view your power generation and dive deeper into your consumption patterns. 

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Tracking energy usage through MyEnergy Insights can provide small business owners with valuable insights into their usage patterns, such as comparing their usage patterns or inefficient appliances between operating and non-operating hours.

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General Inquiries

When will I have access to MyEnergy Insights?

If you have an online Nova Scotia Power account, MyAccountand a smart meter installed, you have access to MyEnergy Insights.

Note: as of January 2024, MyEnergy Insights is now available for residential solar customers!

How will I know when I have access?


We’ll email the address on your Nova Scotia Power account. Once active, you'll be able to access the portal from that email or by logging in to your MyAccount, anytime you like. 

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What alerts and notifications are available and how do I subscribe?

When you have access to MyEnergy Insights, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive email summaries of your energy use by billing period as well as high-usage alerts. You’ll also have the option to set billing notifications that will send an alert as you approach, and reach, the budgeted dollar amount of your choice, and/or mid-billing-period notifications of your current and projected electricity costs. These can help you better manage your energy usage and power bill.  

Energy use and billing notifications are available by email and SMS. You will receive a SMS text message from 67797. To subscribe, or to change your preferences, log in to your MyAccount, click MyEnergy Insights, then click “Settings and Preferences”.  

Note: MyEnergy Insights for solar customers do not have access to SMS notifications or high usage, projected energy cost and budget alerts. 

I received a high-usage alert—what does this mean?

A high-usage alert is triggered when there is a significant change from your average daily energy consumption. There are several reasons for why these alerts are triggered such as adjusting your home heating or cooling systems because of a drop or rise in temperature but they could also be a sign that there’s an issue with a large appliance, such as a fridge or water heater.

Note: this alert is not available for solar customers.

Why am I receiving high-usage alerts?

High-usage alerts can make you aware when your energy use is higher than usual. Typically, these spikes are a result of adjusting your home heating or cooling system because of a drop or rise in temperature, but they could also be a sign that there’s an issue with a large appliance, such as a fridge or water heater.

Customers who are signed up for MyAccount and eligible for MyEnergy Insights are automatically enrolled in high-usage-alerts. You can adjust your alerts or unsubscribe through your MyAccount and accessing the MyEnergy Insights portal, under the “Setting and Preferences” tab. 

Note: this alert is not available for solar customers.

Can I stop receiving alerts change my preferences?

Yes, you have several options for alert types and how you receive them. To change or adjust your usage alert preferences, simply access MyEnergy Insights, by signing in to MyAccount, and click “Settings and Preferences” from the top right dropdown menu. Here you can choose the energy use and billing notifications that are best for you.  

When are alerts sent?

Customers who are signed up for MyAccount and eligible for MyEnergy Insights are automatically enrolled for monthly summaries and high-usage-alerts, but will need to select other notifications, such as budget alerts, based on their preferences. You can adjust your alerts or unsubscribe through your MyAccount and accessing the MyEnergy Insights portal, under the “Setting and Preferences” tab.

How accurate is my energy use data?

The data displayed in MyEnergy Insights is accurate and uses measurements from your smart meter. The tool then uses artificial intelligence to match the usage patterns of your home or business to display your monthly energy use by source - this breakdown is typically 80-90% accurate. To further improve its accuracy, we encourage you to complete the home or facility profile survey in the portal once you have access.

Is my energy use data real-time?

Not quite—it can take up to 48 hours for your most recent energy use data to be available. 

Is my data secure?

Yes. To access your data, you’ll need to log in to your MyAccount using your username and password. We take the responsibility of protecting your information very seriously. You can learn more about our company privacy policy here.

Why does my power bill not exactly match what I see in MyEnergy Insights?

The data in MyEnergy Insights is based exclusively on energy charges and does not include other fees such as taxes or credits.

I’m enrolled in equal billing. Will anything change for me?

No, your equal monthly charges will remain the same.

What if I have multiple MyAccount profiles? Can I see them all in MyEnergy Insights?

As each of your profiles get access, you’ll be able to see up to 13 accounts within your MyAccount profile. If you have more than 13 accounts, you can still access MyEnergy Insights from the email notification you receive.


What is Efficiency Insights?

Developed by Efficiency Nova Scotia, Efficiency Insights is a new feature on MyEnergy Insights that compares your energy usage to similar homes in Nova Scotia.

These insights will help you understand how you use energy and also provide you with personalized tips to help you save money by using energy more efficiently.

To learn more visit:

I don’t see Efficiency Insights in MyEnergy Insights. How can I get access?

Your home was not selected to be part of Efficiency Insights at the moment; however, there are plans to revise the participant list again in early 2025, and you may be included to receive reports at that time.

To learn more visit:

Why is my energy usage and contact information shared with Efficiency Nova Scotia?

NS Power has been providing Efficiency Nova Scotia with general energy usage data to help them design their energy efficiency programming for several years. We are required to release usage information, including customer contact information, according to Section 79K of the Public Utilities Act.

Together with Efficiency Nova Scotia, we continue to enhance MyEnergy Insights to give our customers additional perspective on their electricity usage and connect them with active efficiency programs and rebates.

Please note: Customers may opt out of receiving Home Energy Report emails from Efficiency Insights by simply updating their “Settings & Preferences” within their MyEnergy Insights profile. Opt-out for emails is available online. Opt-outs for paper reports will require you to call an Efficiency Nova Scotia representative toll-free at 1-877-999-6035.

For Solar Customers

As a solar customer, do I have access to MyEnergy Insights?


Yes! You now have full access to MyEnergy Insights on MyAccount, which has been developed specifically to meet the needs of solar customers to provide insights into energy usage including energy flow from grid (consumption), to grid (surplus), and estimated self-generation.

How does MyEnergy Insights calculate my solar generation?

MyEnergy Insights uses an algorithm to estimate your solar generation. The algorithm is a calculation based on net consumption over time (the net usage amount from your meter) and weather data. This data may differ from your solar app which measure production directly. 

Will I be able to see my energy usage broken down by appliance?

Yes, as a solar customer, your MyEnergy Insights will still show your energy usage broken down by appliance. However, you will not be able to see the energy charges by appliance. 



For Business Customers

How can using MyEnergy Insights help my business?

MyEnergy Insights can help small and medium businesses track their energy usage and usage patterns. These insights can help business owners make informed decisions to benefit their bottom line, such as investing in new heating and cooling equipment.  

What does the maximum demand feature do and how does it work?

If you are a business customer billed under the General Tariff (Rate 11), part of your energy bill is the demand charge. In each billing period, you are billed for the highest average load for any 15-minute interval during the period.  

The maximum demand step-line chart can be viewed under Energy Insights within Energy Details under Usage by Month. The chart shows you when new maximums are reached during the billing period you are viewing. This feature indicates when your maximum demand for a day exceeds the previous highest demand generated, you will see an increment against that day in the chart. 

Why can’t I see the max demand feature?

The maximum demand feature on MyEnergy Insights is not available to business customers on the Small General Tariff (Rate 10), as they do not pay a demand charge. You will only see this chart in if you are on the General Tariff (Rate 11). 


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