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Through MyAccount, you can have access to MyEnergy Insights – a digital tool that shows you how you use your daily energy use. With this new tool, you’ll have more control over your energy use and your power bill.

Watch how MyEnergy Insights works and how to start making the most of this powerful new tool. For business customers, click here.


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View your daily energy use broken down by appliance or equipment.
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Set-up personal energy use and billing notifications to help you control costs.
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Helpful energy-saving tips and timely insights personalized to your home or businesses’ energy use.
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Understand your current energy costs and what’s projected for your next bill.



When will I have access to MyEnergy Insights?

If you have a MyAccount and a smart meter installed—which over 95% of Nova Scotian homes and businesses now do— you will have access to MyEnergy Insights in 2022.

The rollout will be phased, starting end of June, and will continue through to the end of the year. 

How will I know when I have access?

We’ll email you to the address on file. Once active, you’ll be able to access the portal from that email or by logging in to your MyAccount, anytime you like.  

If you don’t have MyAccount, sign up today—it’s free and easy to do.

What energy use and billing notifications are available and how do I subscribe?


When you have access to MyEnergy Insights, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive email summaries of your energy use by billing period as well as high-usage alerts. You’ll also have the option to set billing notifications that will signal an alert as you approach, and reach, the budgeted dollar amount of your choice.

Energy use and billing notifications are available by email and SMS. You will receive SMS messages from 1-888-306-7797. To subscribe, or to change your preferences, log in to your MyAccount, click MyEnergy Insights, then click “Settings and Preferences”. 


When will I receive my projected bill notification?

Projected bill notifications are typically sent midway through your bill cycle.

How accurate is my energy use data?

The data displayed in MyEnergy Insights is accurate and uses measurements from your smart meter. The tool then uses artificial intelligence to match the usage patterns of your home or business to display your monthly energy use by source - this breakdown is typically 80-90% accurate. To further improve its accuracy, we encourage you to complete the home or facility profile survey in the portal once you have access.

Is my energy use data real-time?

Not quite—it can take up to 48 hours for your most recent energy use data to be available. 

Is my data secure?

Yes. To access your data, you’ll need to log in to your MyAccount using your username and password. We take the responsibility of protecting your information very seriously. You can learn more about our company privacy policy here.

Why does my power bill not exactly match what I see in MyEnergy Insights?

The data in MyEnergy Insights is based exclusively on energy charges and does not include other fees such as taxes or credits.

How will my data be displayed if I pay two different power rates?

If you are a Rate 11 business, or currently enrolled in the Critical Peak rate plan, the Energy Charges section of your bill shows the two different rates you can be charged. In the portal under “Year” view of the “Cost” section, your two rates are combined into a single dollar value. So, your total cost is still represented, you just won’t see the breakdown of the two rates.

I’m enrolled in equal billing. Will anything change for me?

No, your equal monthly charges will remain the same.

What if I have multiple MyAccount profiles? Can I see them all in MyEnergy Insights?

As each of your profiles get access, you’ll be able to see up to 13 accounts within your MyAccount profile. If you have more than 13 accounts, you can still access MyEnergy Insights from the email notification you receive.


We’re here to help. Contact our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230.