Community Solar Garden Pilot

Investing in our future: Community Solar Garden Pilot

Our customers want clean, affordable, and reliable energy for their homes and businesses. Modernizing our grid through new technology can help keep rates affordable and grow our use of renewable energy.

It’s why we’re investing in innovative solutions like solar.

Through our community solar garden, you can have access to clean energy—without needing to install solar panels.

We’re learning how community solar can contribute to a greener Nova Scotia—and inviting eligible Nova Scotians to join our program and be part of the solution.


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Participants taking part in our community solar program will benefit their home and the entire power system.

Green Energy: Community solar allows us to generate more clean energy that will be distributed across the grid. 

Affordable: Customers who participate in our solar program can get the benefit of clean energy without the up-front expense, installation, or maintenance costs.

Accessible: Customers who don’t own their home, who live in a shaded area or who live in an apartment or condo will be able to participate in the program without the need to install rooftop panels.

Credits added to your bill: You’ll receive bill credits associated with your portion of the power produced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between solar programs?

Enhanced net metering: Nova Scotians can install a source of renewable energy such as a wind turbine or set of solar panels – or even a small hydro or biomass generator - to help power their home or business. If your generating unit produces more energy than you use at any one time, the extra electricity will flow onto the local grid for others to use. On the other hand, if your generator isn’t producing as much as you need, you can still draw from the grid to make up the difference.

Community Solar Garden Pilot: Eligible Nova Scotians can have access to clean energy without needing to install their own solar panels. This program is an accessible way for customers who don’t own their home, who rent, live in a condo or in an area that may not get a lot of direct sunlight, to participate in solar energy.

Solar Electricity for Community Buildings program: Eligible community groups and organizations can generate solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity on their roofs or properties and sell it to their utility under a 20-year contract.

Who should I contact if I am interested in installing a solar system?

As with any major investment, you should thoroughly research and evaluate your options before choosing the company that will sell and/or install your solar system. We recommend you receive quotes from at least three different contractors. Besides price, the quality of the product and installation are also key when it comes to ensuring the solar system performs to your expectations.

  • Check licensing and references of the vendor
  • Assess the cost of the installation
  • Select the site of the panel carefully
  • Ask for performance projections to ensure you understand benefits versus costs

The Atlantic Canada Solar Directory is made up of organizations, mostly businesses, which supply solar and alternative energy goods and services.  These businesses are "Corporate" members of Solar Nova Scotia, pay annual dues and agree to follow the Solar Nova Scotia Code of Ethics.

What is Halifax Solar City?

Halifax Regional Municipality offers the Halifax Solar City Program to property owners within the region enabling access to multiple solar energy options. Property owners can finance the project through a Local Improvement Charge (LIC) with the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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