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Nova Scotia’s energy future holds exciting possibilities — more wind and solar generation, battery storage, electric vehicles, and even more opportunities to bring renewable energy to the grid. Globally, the electrical grids that have served us over the past century are evolving through new technology into “smart grids.” Smart grids offer a future in which individual pieces of the electrical system — including “smart devices” in customers’ homes and businesses — can communicate with one another, so that the entire electrical system works together to use energy more efficiently. This means lower overall costs for customers and a cleaner environment.


About the Pilot

As we continue to lead North America in reducing carbon emissions, we need innovative solutions to add more renewables and new energy solutions to our grid. In Nova Scotia, we plan to build and connect:


  • a 2 MW community solar garden
  • 3 commercial deployments of rooftop solar and battery storage
  • Up to 150 distributed batteries
  • Up to 120 smart EV chargers


These devices will be centrally connected by a new control software system that will allow us to monitor their performance, and test control capabilities that can optimize how they work to benefit all customers. Some of the benefits we will be testing include:


  • Ways to make solar power more accessible.
  • Optimizing energy storage on the grid.
  • The ability for distributed batteries to provide benefits like reliability, demand management and on-site renewable integration.
  • Testing how battery storage can allow us to bring more renewables to the grid. 
  • Enabling electric vehicle smart-charging - testing coordinated charging and vehicle-to-grid/home technology

This represents a very important step in accommodating the inclusion of new energy technologies and understanding their benefits while maintaining reliability and affordability for customers.

The project is supported by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and the Province of Nova Scotia.

Learn more about how smart grids can provide customers with more choice, control and a greener future.


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