MyEnergy Insights

MyEnergy Insights: Control your energy use

Starting spring 2022, we're rolling out updates to MyAccount to include MyEnergy Insights - an AI-powered digital tool that analyzes your home and business's energy use and presents actionable insights based on your usage patterns - putting you more in control of your energy use and costs.


Benefits of MyEnergy Insights



24/7 online access to current and historical energy use patterns and costs broken down by appliance and equipment.


Set-up personal energy use and billing notifications to control your energy use and budget costs.


Receive actionable insights and recommendations, including energy-saving tips that are personalized to your home or business’s usage.


Our Customer Care team can review your daily energy use with you and help resolve billing inquires more efficiently.

Watch this video for a quick your of MyEnergy Insights, how it works and how to start making the most of this powerful new tool coming in spring 2022.


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About MyEnergy Insights

What is MyEnergy Insights?

MyEnergy Insights is a digital tool that uses Artificial Intelligence ("AI") to give you a detailed analysis of your current and historical energy use, patterns, and costs. It shows your usage broken down by appliance or equipment; it offers energy-saving tips; it allows you to set personalized usage or budget notifications; and much more.

How can MyEnergy Insights benefit me?

MyEnergy Insights provides the information you need to better understand your energy use and manage costs. Its easy-to-understand insights and recommendations puts you in control of how, when, and where you decide to use electricity. It also lets you set-up alerts and notifications to personalize your energy experience. 

What does it mean that MyEnergy Insights is AI-powered?

MyEnergy Insights uses an AI algorithm to calculate and predict information. AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence”, and an AI algorithm is what allows computers to learn on their own. This way, the tool continues to gain knowledge and improve processes and efficiency over time.

What does appliance itemization mean?

Watch this quick video to learn about appliance itemization, how it works and how you can benefit from it.


Getting Started with MyEnergy Insights

When will I have access to MyEnergy Insights?

As long as you have a MyAccount and a smart meter installed—which over 90% of Nova Scotian homes and businesses now do— you will have access to MyEnergy Insights in 2022.

Our current plan is to offer MyEnergy Insights to a small number of customers in late 2021 and begin rolling it out to all customers in spring 2022. 

How will I know when MyEnergy Insights is active for me?

You’ll get an email notification when MyEnergy Insights is active for you. Once active, you’ll be able to access the portal from that email or by logging in to your MyAccount. 

If you don’t have MyAccount, sign up today—it’s free and easy to do.

What energy use and budget notifications are available and how to I sign up?

When your MyEnergy Insights is active, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive email summaries of your power use by billing period as well as high-usage alerts. You will have the option to set up budget notifications using the dollar amount of your choice. 

To find notifications options, click on the top right dropdown menu in your MyEnergy Insight portal, select “Settings and Preferences”, then “Alert Type”.

I’m enrolled in equal billing. Will this change anything for me?

The usage data displayed in your MyEnergy Insights portal is typically 80-90% accurate. To improve the AI algorithm’s accuracy, be sure to fill out your home or facility profile in the portal. Choose the “Survey” menu item in the top right and answer a few questions about your home or business and the appliances/equipment you have.

MyEnergy Insights Data

How accurate is the data?

The total usage data displayed in your MyEnergy Insights portal is accurate and uses actual measurements from your meter. MyEnergy Insights then uses Artificial Intelligence ("AI") which matches the energy usage patterns on your premise to break-down (energy disaggregation) your monthly usage by energy source. Energy disaggregation is typically 80-90% accurate, and always adds to the total energy consumption. To improve the AI algorithm's accuracy, be sure to fill out your home or facility profile in the portal. Choose the "Survey" menu item in the top right and answer a few questions about your home or business and the appliances/equipment you have. 

Is the data real-time?

Not quite—it will take up to 48 hours for your most recent usage data to be available. 

Is my energy usage data secure?

Yes. To access your energy usage information online, you need to log into MyAccount using your username and password. We take the responsibility of protecting your information very seriously. You can learn more by reading our privacy policy.

Why doesn’t my bill amount match what’s in MyEnergy Insights?

Your MyEnergy Insights information is based exclusively on energy charges alone, and doesn’t consider additional fees such as taxes, or credits. So, your bill amount may not exactly match what you see in the portal. 

Why does MyEnergy Insights show appliances that I don’t have?

If you haven’t completed your home or facility profile, the tool may be “guessing” some of the appliances you have. Keep in mind that similar appliances or heating systems may be combined and displayed under one item. For example, a pool, hot tub, and sauna may be displayed under “pool”. 

To improve the AI algorithm’s accuracy, fill out your home or facility profile in the portal. Choose the “Survey” menu item in the top right and answer a few questions about your home or business.

Why do some of my tabs show no data, or is data sometimes missing?

Depending on when your smart meter was installed, you may be missing some data—this will be corrected over time. If you’ve had your smart meter for a while, then missing information is an error—MyEnergy Insights is a brand-new tool, and there may be bugs that will need to be worked out. If you encounter such a bug, feel free to report it to us and we’ll work to correct it.

What if I move? Does my MyEnergy Insights data change?

Your MyEnergy Insights data is directly connected to a specific home or business location. So, if you move, all your historical data will be reset, and you’ll start building a new energy-use history for your new property (assuming your new location has a smart meter, of course). 

Can I download my energy-use data?

Not currently, but we’re working on this functionality, and it will be available mid-2022.

Billing and Costs

I'm enrolled in the Critical Peak Rate Plan. Why are my critical peak events not reflected in the cost?

Since the timing of Critical Peak events are unpredictable, they are not represented in the day or month "Cost" view in the portal. After you are billed for a period that includes a peak event(s), the actual billed costs are displayed in the "Year" cost view. 

At what point in my billing cycle will my projected bill be available?

A projected bill is typically generated within one week of the beginning of your new billing cycle. 

I have multiple MyAccount Profiles, can I see them all in MyEnergy Insights?

Currently only one registered account can be associated with MyEnergy Insights. We’re working towards having a multiple account views available later in 2022. 

What does MyEnergy Insights do if I pay two different power rates?

If you are a Rate 11 business, or enrolled in the Critical Peak rate plan, then the Energy Charges section of your bill shows the two different rates you may be charged. In MyEnergy Insights, in the “Year” view of the “Cost” section, your two rates are combined into a single dollar value. So, your total cost is still represented, you just won’t see the breakdown of the two rates.


If you have additional questions about MyEnergy Insights our customer care team is here to help: 1-800-428-6774.