Consider Equal Billing

Consider Equal Billing

Our Equal Billing Plan can help you manage your budget by spreading the cost of your annual electricity use over 12 equal monthly payments. Customers who heat with electricity find this plan particularly helpful.

Bi Monthly BillingEqual Billing
Bill frequency Every 2 months Monthly
How power use is billed Your actual power used 1/12 of annual estimated use in equal installments
What you do This is our default billing plan Sign up here
Reason to choose You are comfortable with your power bill fluctuating every two months as your usage changes You would prefer to pay a predictable, set amount with 12 equal payments and a mid-year reset

Equal Billing

The monthly payment is based on the past year of energy use at your address. If you’ve just moved in, it won’t take into account your power use habits. However, many things that won’t change have a big impact on power use, such as:

  • Size and age of the home
  • Number of electric appliances
  • Level of insulation, especially if you heat with electricity

What to expect 

Every January, we compare the amount of power you actually used with the amount that was estimated. The difference is automatically rolled into the calculation for your new equal billing amount. All anniversary dates occur in January to coincide with other annual changes to your bill.

A mid-year review of your account will ensure your monthly equal billing payment is in line with your actual usage. If there is a large enough change in your usage, we will adjust your monthly payment amount on your July bill. This will be your monthly payment amount for the remainder of the year.

MyAccount now makes it easy to learn more about your energy use through MyEnergy Insights.


There are two parts to calculating your equal billing amount for the upcoming year – three if you heat with electricity.


We estimate the cost of the energy you are likely to use: (Electricity used in the past year [kilowatt hours] × energy rate [¢ per kilowatt hour]) / 12 = monthly energy charge


We add other fees and subtract discounts, such as: + Monthly base fee for service (and your extras like heat pump financing) + 15% HST - 10% provincial government rebate


If you heat with electricity, we adjust the amount based on the average temperature of the previous year.

For example, if the past year was exceptionally cold, we would reduce the final amount to be more in line with average years.

Remember, in July we will review your account again by looking at the previous 12 months of usage (July to July). If there is a large enough change in your usage, we will adjust your monthly payment amount.


Your power use may have changed if you:

  • Switched heating sources (e.g. oil to electric)
  • Renovated or added appliances
  • Had a new baby and someone is home all day
  • Installed a new heating system (e.g. heat pump or electric thermal storage)


Please click the link below and fill out the form if:

  • You would like to sign up for the Equal Billing Plan.
  • You are on the Equal Billing Plan and would like to go back to Bi-Monthly Billing.
  • We will send you an e-mail after we have made the changes to your account. This e-mail will confirm the changes made and let you know when your next bill will be sent.

 > Request change to your billing plan. 

Equal Billing Calculator

See how your monthly payment is calculated


Does the Equal Billing plan save me money?

No. Equal Billing can help you manage your budget by spreading the cost of your annual electricity use over 12 equal monthly payments.

Equal Billing customers pay the same energy rates as customers on the Bi-Monthly Billing Plan.

Can I set my own Equal Billing payment?

You can't set the payment, which is based on your estimated power use for the year, divided into 12 equal monthly payments.

You can change your habits to use less power, reducing the amount of electricity your annual calculation is based upon.

Can I set the due date for my monthly Equal Billing?

Equal Billing customers who also sign up on our automatic payment plan can select the date their payment comes out of the bank. Please note this is a separate service from customers registered on MyAccount who set their own recurring payments.

Why is the Equal Billing anniversary in January?

Your Equal Billing amount is recalculated in January because any rate changes take effect at the same time. This helps ensure your Equal Billing amount doesn't change throughout the year.

Why is there a mid-year review and adjustment of my account?

To ensure your monthly payment amount is on track with your most recent 12 months of usage, and you're closer to a zero balance at year-end. Learn more here.

How can I see if my Equal Billing payments are covering my usage?

Once you’re on the plan, keep an eye on the Total Amount Due. This is your actual amount owing (or credited to your account). It reflects the power you’ve used and the Equal Billing payments you’ve made. This number will fluctuate throughout the year, since power use changes, but your Equal Billing payments are the same for 12 months.

Mid-year is a good time to take a close look and see if Equal Billing is working for you. If your summer bill shows a Total Amount Due of more than 3 times your monthly payment amount, you may want to contact us to see if your monthly payment should be changed. As the end of the year approaches, your Total Amount Due should be getting closer to zero.

If at any time you’re concerned the Equal Billing amount may not be enough to cover your power use for the year, call us. We can discuss whether your monthly payment should change.

Do I have to stay on Equal Billing?

No. You can ask to be removed from the Equal Billing plan at any time. When you make the change, the balance owing on your account will need to be paid by the due-date shown on your last bill. This amount is shown as Total Amount Due on your bill.