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How do I request to connect/disconnect my power?

Connect / Disconnect Request

Are you moving? Use our self-service forms to make your request online.

Move your power to a new address

  • Are you a current NS Power customer? Request to move your power connection to a new address here.

Connect your power for the first time

  • Are you a new NS Power Customer? Request to turn your power on here.

Disconnect your power

  • Are you moving and not reconnecting at another address? Closing an existing account? Request your power disconnection here

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College and University Students

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How do I pay my bill?

Paying Your Bill

 We offer a number of secure and convenient ways to pay your bill. Find the one that’s right for you!

How do I pay my bill graphic


  • Pre-Authorized Payments
  • Direct withdraw using MyAccount
  • Credit Card
  • Online banking


  • NS Power Payment Agent
  • NS Power Customer Service Centres
  • Major banks and credit unions
  • MoneyGram
  • Money Mart


  • Cheque

Learn more about all of our payment options here.

How can I contact Nova Scotia Power?

Contact Us

Our most popular forms of contact are through our phone number 1-800-428-6230 and our website For additional ways to reach us, including mailing address and power outage information phone number, please view our Customer Service information page.

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Where can I find a list of career opportunities?

Current Opportunities

At Nova Scotia Power we believe our greatest source of energy has always been our people. Come and join our team, where you can help us power the future.

Visit our Careers section to view our Current Opportunities or to submit your resume.

Wondering what career opportunities are available in your area through Nova Scotia Power? Try our Search feature!

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Do you have an outage map?

Our user-friendly outage map shows you up-to-date information about power outages in Nova Scotia.  Our outage map is intended to give you a geographical view of power outages across the province. You can access the map from anywhere, from any device to get view outages affecting you or your family. Zoom, search or allow us to find your location to see your estimated restoration time, outage cause, and more.   

The map shows all outages affecting fewer than five customers to outages affecting over 5,000 customers.  Multiple outages in a certain area will be clustered together and expand into different coloured outage icons when you zoom in. The colours represent different sized outages. Learn more about the map here.

You can also report your outage directly from the outage map by clicking on the triangle icon. Report your outage in three quick steps. You just need your postal code and your phone number OR your NS Power account number.  You may report an outage from your cell phone, or any device with data, and we’ll receive it instantly.

Be sure to use the outage map to stay up to date on the latest restoration information.

For more information about how we plan for and respond to outages and what you can do to be prepared, visit our Outage Centre.

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What is the estimated restoration time?

Estimated Restoration Time

When your power is out, we know you want it up and running as quickly as possible and you’d also like an estimate of how long it will take to restore service. Visit our Estimated Restoration Time section to learn about factors affecting estimation and how to receive one.

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What is an air source heat pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps

Check out our heat pump information

Air source heat pumps absorb natural warmth from the air outside and gently distribute it throughout your home. They are the most efficient type of home heating system and also offer the added benefits of air conditioning and summer dehumidification.

Check out the Air Source Heat Pumps section of our website to learn more.

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Where can I find historic billing information?

Historic Billing Information

MyAccount offers you online access to your billing history. Review past bills and compare your usage with our interactive tool. MyAccount has many more features, sign up for MyAccount here. To find out more about MyAccount click here.

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What is a planned power outage?

Planned Power Outage

In order to ensure reliable electric service, Nova Scotia Power must occasionally turn power off in order to safely complete necessary maintenance. If work is taking place in your area we will attempt to contact you by phone ahead of time to advise you of the date and duration of the outage.


If you have any questions please contact us at 1-877-428-6004.

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