Understanding Restoration Times

Estimating your restoration time

An estimated restoration time or ‘ETR’ is our best estimate of when your power will be restored. As soon as we know about your outage, we assign an ETR based on a number of factors – weather conditions, location of outage, suspected severity of damage, past outages in your area, and more. Once we’re able to assess the damage and identify anything else that may impact restorations (ex: unsafe situation, unplowed road), we’ll update the ETR.

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Where can I find my ETR?

Customers can get the latest updates on estimated restoration times on our outage map at outagemap.nspower.ca, through our online outage reporting tool or by calling 1-877-428-6004.

Common Occurences

Lights on, lights off

Sometimes we’re able to temporarily restore power to an area by re-routing it through different power lines while we fix the initial problem. Once that work is done, we may need to disconnect power again for a short time to make a permanent fix.

In your neighbourhood

You may see crews driving by your property or in and out of your neighborhood without restoring power - that’s not unusual. Crews may be searching for the cause of the outage or need to work at a nearby location before power can be restored to you and your neighbours.

It’s not us. It’s you. Maybe.

Your power is out, but your neighbours are still on? There are a few reasons this could happen, one being that you are served by a different distribution circuit than the rest of your street, or it’s an issue with your own property. It could be fuses or circuit breakers switching off, or damage to the lines or equipment serving your home. We own the electrical meter and the service wire that connects your home to the power lines on your street. The meter mast and meter base belong to you. If damaged, you must have them repaired by a certified electrician before we can reconnect power.