Planned Outages

Why we plan outages

Our electrical system requires regular maintenance to ensure it is safe and operating efficiently.

Planned outages are typically scheduled in advance so that we can work safely on our system. The work may include emergency repairs, system upgrades, maintenance, and other infrastructure-related work such as pole replacements.

To do this work safely, power lines must be de-energized, which usually means an outage for some customers.

By planning an outage and coordinating the necessary work, our crews can help prevent a potential unplanned outage that can often be longer and more disruptive.

How we plan outages

Scheduling outages provides our customers with advance notice of the impacts so you can prepare to be without power.

To select a date for a planned outage, we would look at several factors:


  • Safety is always our top priority. We need to ensure the work is done as safely as possible for our customers and crews.


  • Some work can’t be done in certain weather conditions. That’s why outages can be sometimes be cancelled at the last minute.


  • If an outage may affect a school, we try to ensure the work is completed when school is not in session.

Community Events

  • If there is a community event or celebration scheduled, we'll try to find another day.

Traffic Management

  • Some work may cause disruptions to traffic. We may need to work with municipal officials to coordinate the best solution.

Availability of Crews

  • Some work requires specialized crews and equipment. If this is the case, we must schedule work around their availability

Upcoming Planned Outages

Area: Timberlea

Date: July 26th, 2021

Start time:  10 AM

End time: 2 PM

Streets affected: Sprucewood Ave, Riverwood Dr

Reason: Pole replacement


Area: Wallace and Pugwash areas

Date: July 23rd, 2021

Start time:  10:30 AM

End time: 12:30 PM

Streets affected: Highway 6, Highway 368, Highway 307, Crowley Rd, Pugwash Junction Rd, Thompson Rd, Station Ln, Wallace River Rd, Sheas Island Rd, Sunset Ln, Country Home Rd, Rabbit Town Rd, Fountain Rd, Kerrs Mill Rd, Piers Branch Rd, Simmonds Rd, Blades Ln, Middleboro Rd, Mitchell Rd, Six Mile Rd, Dewar Dr, Angevine Lake Rd, Durham St, Lower Wentworth Rd, Easy St, Bigney Meadow Rd

Reason: Urgent pole replacement


Area: Lakevale

Date: July 27th, 2021

Start time:  9:30 AM

End time: 1:30 PM

Streets affected: Highway 337, North Lakevale Rd, Macneil Rd, Terag Ln, Lakevale Heights Rd

Reason: Pole replacement


Area: Shortts Lake

Date: July 28th, 2021

Start time:  9:30 AM

End time: 11:30 AM

Streets affected: South Stewart Rd

Reason: Equipment upgrade


Area: Dartmouth

Date: July 30th, 2021

Start time:  5 AM

End time: 7 AM

Streets affected: Kings Wharf Place

Reason: Underground equipment maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select the time and date for a planned outage?

We will look at a variety of factors. Safety, weather conditions, availability of specialized crews and equipment, community events, and the impact to critical infrastructure and services are all taken into consideration when we select a date.

Why can’t you plan outages at night or on weekends?

Most of the work must be performed during daylight hours to keep our customers and crews safe. By planning an outage and coordinating the necessary work, we may prevent a potential unplanned outage that can often be longer and more disruptive.

How do you inform customers?

We aim to inform customers of a planned outage 24-48 hours in advance with an automated phone message. We also list planned outages on our website.

If an emergency repair is urgently needed, we may be unable to provide notice. Once the outage occurs, it will appear on the outage map with the reason for the interruption and the estimated time of restoration.

Its important that we have your up to date contact information. If you have a new phone number, please call Customer Care at 1-800-428-6230 to update your account. 

Why do you cancel planned outages?

We work to keep the scheduled date of a planned outage in place, but cancellations can occur due to adverse weather conditions or crew constraints if emergencies occur.

We will notify you of a cancelled outage by phone and also update our website. 

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