What to Expect: EV Smart Charging Testing

What to Expect: EV Smart Charging Testing

Testing of our EV Smart Charging Pilot will begin in mid February. We’re anticipating that you won’t notice us as you continue charging your vehicle as you normally would.

What are we testing?

This program will help us determine our ability to lower the power usage of EV chargers during peak times by shifting demand to off peak times (overnight, for example).

What happens during a “charging event”?

During a “charging event” the speed of charging will be reduced. Charging speeds during an event are anticipated to be similar to speeds on a normal 120V outlet. Following the event, your charger will return to its max speed.

When will charging events occur?

There is no fixed schedule anticipated for charging events at this time but will most frequently coincide with peak hours. Charging events may occur at any time.

How will I know when a charging event is

You will receive a notification on your ChargePoint account when a charging event is happening or scheduled. You can manage notifications on your ChargePoint account to send by push notification, text message or email. Instructions are available  here.

charging event notification on Messagescharging event notifcation on outlookcharging event notification on Charge Point


How long is a charging event?

Charging events should last no longer than 2 hours, but many will be shorter. As we learn, event length may increase.

How do I opt out of a charging event?

Opting out of a charging event can be easily completed within the ChargePoint app or by using the link in a notification email. You must opt out of each individual event. However, to be eligible for your full incentive payment, you must not opt out of more than 25% of events in a year.

We’ve included some photos from the app to
guide you:

App user interface

App user interface

App user interface



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