Generation Interconnection Procedures

Generation Interconnection Procedures

The following procedures, agreements and forms are required to initiate the various interconnection studies and processes required through NSP's Generator Interconnection Procedures. All completed forms should be sent to:

Nova Scotia Power Inc.
5 Long Lake Drive 
Halifax, NS, Canada B3S 1N8
Attention: Interconnection Engineer

Interconnection Engineer can be reached at: (902) 428-7711

Effective February 10, 2020, please be advised that the completion of advanced-stage Interconnection Studies under the Standard Generator Interconnection Procedures (GIP) will be delayed pending the outcome of the Transmission Service Request (TSR) 409 and 410 System Impact Studies, which are expected to identify significant changes to the NSPI transmission system.  The expected completion date for these studies is December 31, 2021. Feasibility Studies initiated prior to the completion of these TSR System Impact Studies will be performed based on the current system configuration.

Transmission Interconnection Procedures (Applicable to transmission systems 69,000 volts and higher)


Interconnection Request Queue


Distribution Generator Interconnection Procedures (Applicable to distribution systems 26,400 volts and lower) - Effective August 30, 2019 

Access the Generation Interconnection Study Reports