Electricity Savings

How can my business use electricity effectively?

Understanding when and how your business consumes electricity can help you better manage your demand (the energy you need at a specific point of time) and save money. If you reduce energy consumption, you could reduce your overall demand. Note, though, it is important to be consistent with your demand management. One lapse could spike your demand to its previous level, which will undo your demand reduction efforts for that month.





Install appliances with energy star ratings. If you use equipment controlled by thermostats such as grills, fryers, and coffee makers, try staggering start-up times in 15-minute intervals. These appliances often require more electricity when heating up. If you start them so the warm-up periods do not overlap, you can reduce your demand.



A properly sized heating system will reduce demand and provide greater comfort for your staff and customers. You can improve efficiency and reduce demand by installing a heat pump water heater.



Look for ways to schedule work and business tasks with electricity demand in mind. Each appliance you use adds to your demand. If you can avoid using several large appliances at the same time, you can reduce spikes in demand.



Your bill can provide insight into your energy use patterns. If you can alter your business’s electricity use to lower demand peaks, you can lower your electricity costs by doing so. The “load factor” reported on your electricity bill can be an indicator that assists you. Generally, if you notice your load factor increasing from bill to bill, and your overall consumption hasn’t increased, you’ll know the steps you have taken have been effective. An ideal load factor can vary from business to business. For example, a 24-hour operation will usually have a higher load factor than a 9-to-5 operation because its electricity usage will be spread out more evenly.


Using Electricity Effectively

Efficiency Nova Scotia

Efficiency Nova Scotia manages energy saving programs and services for Nova Scotians. Check out their website for tips to make your business less expensive to operate and more environmentally friendly.

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