Request a Streetlight Repair

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Request a Streetlight Repair

The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) now owns all streetlights.

If you've noticed a streetlight out in your neighbourhood, please let us know. Just complete the form below.

Some streetlights are owned and maintained by individual municipalities. Please visit our Municipality-Owned Streetlights page so you can call the municipality directly.

For customers in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM): As of August 6, 2014, HRM is responsible for all streetlights on municipal streets and roads, as well as municipal parks and open spaces. Please visit our Municipality-Owned Streetlights page to call directly or request a streetlight repair via the HRM website.

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Contact Information
We request your name and phone number in case we need more information to help us locate or identify the problem.
(In order for us to confirm the service order number of your report, please provide your e-mail address)
Description of Problem

Exposed wires, open broken or missing light fixtures, or damaged poles are considered hazardous and should be reported immediately to Nova Scotia Power Outage Line at 1-877-428-6004.

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Location of Problem
What is the address or closest street address to the light you are reporting?

If the streetlight is in a location that can't be accessed by a bucket truck, please select No.
If you don't have the address information or you believe additional descriptive information would be helpful, please indicate the name of the street/road the light is on, with details of how the light can be located, e.g. relation to prominent landmarks, how many poles it is from the nearest intersection or landmark etc.