Change Your Billing Plan

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Change Your Billing Plan

Options are important when it comes to billing, so we offer convenient billing tools to help you manage your time and money.

Bi-monthly Billing Plan

You will be billed every two months for the actual energy you have used. This is the standard billing plan most customers choose.

Equal Billing Plan

To be eligible for the plan, your account must be at a zero balance.  For new customers or those who have just moved, budget amounts are estimated based on past electricity usage at their property.  Business Customers must have 12 months actual history.

Every January, we compare the amount of electricity you have used to the amount of money you have paid. The balance is automatically rolled into the calculation for the next year's fixed monthly budget amount. To reduce the number of adjustments to your budget amount throughout the year, all anniversary dates occur in January to coincide with other annual changes to your bill.

How your monthly payment amount is calculated

The calculation of your monthly payment amount includes the following:

Your annual electrical usage X the energy rate (0.14800) divided by 12.

These factors are also part of the calculation:

  • Monthly fees (This includes the base charge and any additional fees like streetlight rentals)
  • 15% HST tax and 10% provincial government rebate
  • Any balance or credit owing 

For equal billing customers who heat with electricity, weather can have an impact on your usage. To account for the effects of weather,  we've developed a weather adjustment feature.

Provincial Energy Rebate

Residential customers on our bi-monthly and budget billing plans qualify for a ten per cent rebate on their bills. This rebate is equivalent to the provincial portion of the HST.

If you have any questions about the Provincial Energy Rebate, please visit the Government of Nova Scotia website or call, toll-free at 1-800-670-4357.

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