Service Provider Program

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Service Provider Program

We are committed to providing customers with reliable and efficient electrical services.

This new training program enables Certified Electrical Contractors to become NS Power Service Providers. The training teaches participants how to disconnect and remove residential meters, resulting in an even more reliable and efficient service for customers.




  • Qualified to disconnect services at the weather head attached to buildings (applies to Electrical Services, 30 to 200amp, 120/240v, and single phase. Meter removal is for 30-200amp, 120/240v, self-contained 4 jaw meters.)
  • Ability to provide a one stop service for your customers with a more simplified process.
  • Opportunity to create your own comprehensive and competitive pricing with no additional service fees. 


  • This program must be completed every 3 years. The annual fee is $300.
  • Work is to be completed by the NS Power Service Provider only. Permits must be requested for  the company you are registered with or for yourself. 
  • Compliance audits will be done annually. Inspector spot checks will be completed at random.
  • All Arc Flash equipment must be purchased and brought to the chosen session for verification.  
  • Proof of Liability Insurance: $1,000,000.
  • Proof of WCB
  • The required equipment and PPE includes:

    • Meter Removal Tool – $280
    • Meter Storage Box - $40
    • Arc Flash Face Shield – 8 cal Rating
    • Arc Flash Gloves (Recertified every 6 months) Class 0 glove with protective cover
    • Arch Flash Coveralls (Full body) – 8 cal rating

    PPE can be purchase from the following locations:

    Arc Flash Clothing can be purchased at Aucklands-Grainger, McLoughlans, Du Pont, Fastenal, Harris & Roome, Lumen, Wesco and Wearwell Garments.


    The Meter Removal Tool and the Meter Storage Box may be purchased from Nova Scotia Power during the training session. 

Please note: Existing certification will expire on July 31, 2019. After June 30, old certification numbers will be invalid. 

2019 training Session SCHEDULE:

Registration for June sessions will begin May 8 and close on May 31. Spaces are limited. Please submit all documentation to complete your registration. 


For additional information see the FAQ section, if you have further questions please email

click here to download the 2019 registration form

To complete your registration, all required documents must be submitted. This includes your registration form, proof of insurance and proof of WCB.

Submit all forms to