Natural Gas Facilities

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Natural Gas Facilities

The Tufts Cove Generating Station in Dartmouth uses natural gas to make electricity. The plant can also run on oil.

Tufts Cove Generating Station
Generating Capacity 500 MW
Location Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • The Tufts Cove Generating Station consists of three oil-fired units commissioned in the 1960s and 1970s as well as two natural gas fired combustion turbines commissioned in 2003 and 2004.
  • The three Tufts Cove oil-fired units were converted to also burn natural gas in 1999-2000. In recent years the plant has run largely on natural gas.
  • Electrostatic precipitators installed in the stacks at Tufts Cove remove particulate matter and prevent it from rising through the stacks into the air.

Waste Heat Recovery at Tufts Cove

The Tufts Cove Waste Heat Recovery project adds a sixth generator to the plant that will produce up to an additional 50 megawatts of electricity, enough to power up to 35,000 homes.

The new equipment will capture waste heat from the exhaust streams of the two combustion turbines and use it to power a new steam turbine and generator set, generating 25 megawatts of electricity without any additional fuel or emissions. A second 25 megawatts can be generated by burning gas added directly into the waste heat stream from the turbines to increase energy output.

This technology is used extensively around the world in facilities where heat is produced that would otherwise be wasted. It’s a cleaner, more efficient way to use fossil fuels that will act as a source of efficient, low-carbon electricity to help NS Power supplement intermittent sources of energy such as wind.