Service Reliability

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Service Reliability

Powering our communities, every day.

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Power outages at any time are a disruption to families and businesses. We know customers expect us to keep the power on, and we haven’t always met those expectations. It’s why we’re working hard to continue improving reliability. We allocate more than $20 million annually for trimming or removing trees that are too close to power lines, upgrading equipment, and other measures that improve the reliability of the electrical system across Nova Scotia.

These investments are in addition to the $80 million Nova Scotia Power traditionally invests in maintenance, upgrades and system improvements each year. We’re upgrading equipment and using technologies like new telecommunications, tele-control, and mapping systems to help us respond quickly to outages when they do occur, and ensure long term reliability.

Nova Scotia sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean, meaning we’re often exposed to harsher weather conditions than most Canadian jurisdictions. In recent years we’ve seen bigger storms, more often, that have caused power outages. That’s why it’s even more important that we take a proactive approach towards system maintenance and improving reliability.