Timeline and Application Details

Timelines, application details and contractors

The online application process is now closed.  Application questions were designed to ensure that we’d be able to install the battery in your home. Considerations for approval included such things as:

  • Do you have a strong internet connection?
  • What’s your primary heating source?
  • What’s your electrical panel size?
  • Do you have enough space to install a home battery?

The application also determined whether participating customers were willing to complete surveys about their experience. As this is a pilot program, getting feedback is critical to the program’s success.

Our team is working through the selection process over the coming weeks. There are a limited number of batteries available, and we will not be able to approve everyone—we will, however, keep your application and reach out to those interested if new programs become available.


About our contractors

If you’re approved to participate, one of our authorized contractors in your area will install your battery at a time that’s convenient for you. Our network of highly qualified electricians have been specially trained by the battery provider to ensure that they can install your battery safely and effectively.


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Our applications process is now closed.  All customers will be informed of our selections in the coming weeks.

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Smart Grid Nova Scotia is comprised of customer programs that will be rolled out over the coming months. You may be eligible for all programs, but will need to apply for each product as they become available.