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As part of this pilot program, customers could choose between two different home battery storage solutions.  Our battery storage calculator helps understand how long each device provides back-up power during an outage. Our certified installers will assist in making the right choice—depending on a home’s power needs.


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Product FeaturesTesla Powerwall Sunverge Infinity
Duration of Back-upUse calculator to seeUse calculator to see
SGNS Battery Pilot Price$3,000 or $25/month (for 10 years)$4,200 or $35/month (for 10 years)
Available Energy13.5kWh18.6kWh
Battery Life

10-year warranty (80% capacity remaining) or 37.8MWh of aggregate throughput

10-year warranty (60% capacity remaining) or 22.4MWh aggregate throughput
Battery TypeLithium Ion (NMC)Lithium Ion (NMC)

Dimensions W x H x D

Note: clearances required exceed hardware dimensions, may also require critical loads sub panel (size varies)

Powerwall Back-up Gateway: 378 x 740 x 129 (mm)

Powerwall: 753 x 1150 x 147 (mm)

Sunverge Infinity Controller:  180 x 300 x 76 (mm)

LG ESS: 425 X 590 X 150 (mm)

Batteries (each): 744 x 907 x 206 (mm)
Other Features

User-friendly customer application including web-based and mobile portals


Scalable - can connect up to 10 Powerwalls using the same connection to the home

User-friendly customer application including web-based and mobile portals


DC coupling for solar PV

Includes LG Energy Storage System


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Our application process is now closed.  All customers will be informed of our selections in the coming weeks. 

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Duration of Back-up: the estimated amount of time your battery will provide back-up power for based on the appliances you selected in the battery calculator.

Price: the cost to participate in the program; payment can be made upfront or on a monthly basis over a 10-year period.

Power: the maximum power, measured in kilowatts (kW), that can be provided at any given time to allow one or multiple devices to operate.

Available Energy: total amount of energy available, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), that determines how long one or multiple devices can operate.  

Battery Warranty: the battery is warrantied to retain its storage capacity over time (as a percentage of original) up to an operating limit of measured aggregate throughput (in MWh).

Battery Type: the chemistry of the battery.

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Smart Grid Nova Scotia is comprised of customer programs that will be rolled out over the coming months. You may be eligible for all programs, but will need to apply for each product as they become available.