Coal Ash Diversion

Coal Ash Diversion Project

Our commitment to clean energy has led us to partner with industry stakeholders to divert coal combustion products from landfills for re-use, providing significant environmental and economic benefits for Nova Scotians.

What We Offer

Coal Combustion Products (CCPs), including fly ash and bottom ash, are residual products collected after coal is burned in coal fired generating stations. We operate four such facilities in Nova Scotia, located in Trenton, Point Tupper, Lingan, and Point Aconi. Annually, we produce approximately 350,000 metric tonnes of CCPs that can be re-used for concrete production, cement manufacturing, waste stabilization, geotechnical fill, flowable fill, road building, asphalt, and many other applications. While a small percentage is re-used in the local concrete industry, the majority of this material is placed in dry storage at our ash management sites. In line with our clean energy strategy, diverting CCPs from landfills for beneficial re-use provides significant environmental and economic benefits for Nova Scotians.



  • Ash management sites associated with the four generating stations currently contain in excess of 10 million metric tonnes of CCPs, the majority of which are dry-stack stored with cap and cover. While total CCP production at Nova Scotia Power is expected to gradually decline with diminishing reliance on solid fuel, three million tonnes of CCPs are projected to be produced in the next 10 years.


  • We produce high quality CCPs that meet ASTM standards for many industries (ASTM C618, and ASTM C114 for Class F and Kiln Feed ash respectively). Our CCPs contain high quantities of silica, alumina, iron oxide, and calcium and only trace amounts of metals. The composition of CCPs depend on the fuel source and combustion process, and we have historically produced CCPs with high consistency due to our fuel blends and process stability.

Environmental Considerations

  • Using our ash residues presents a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to Ash Diversion customers. Recycling ash eliminates the energy cost and environmental footprint associated with producing novel additives and refining virgin materials by the cement industry. The removal of ash from our landfills will also help to remediate Ash Management Sites while reducing carbon emissions due to their reuse by other industries. As cement and concrete produced with our fly ash has greater durability than comparable products, the use of our ash will reduce future production requirements and the associated environmental impact.


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