Stay cool this summer while saving money and energy

Stay cool this summer while saving money and energy

As the temperature goes up, keep your power bill down with these tips to beat the heat while saving energy.

Keep the sun out by closing your blinds

When the sun shines into your home, it can heat up the air inside. By closing your blinds and curtains, you can block the sun’s rays and help keep the temperature down in your home.

Turn off your fan when you’re not in the room

Fans are a great way to help you stay cool—but remember, they work by cooling the skin, not the air in a room. Fans move the air which helps to evaporate moisture on the surface of the skin, making you feel cooler. Since fans don’t change the air temperature, there is no need to have them running if you aren’t in the room.

Use an outdoor grill instead of indoor appliances

Using your oven can cause your indoor temperature to rise, which might prompt you to turn up the AC to cool down your home. Save energy by firing up your outdoor grill.

Turn down your cooling systems when you’re away from home

Reduce your electricity consumption by setting your cooling system a few degrees higher when you’re away from home for the day. Completely turning off your AC doesn’t save energy as it will take longer to cool down your home again when you return. And always be mindful of the temperature if you share your space with pets. 

Make the most of MyEnergy Insights

Through your Nova Scotia Power online account, MyAccount, you can have access to MyEnergy Insights, a digital tool that outlines your energy usage by appliance. This portal gives you more insights and control over your energy consumption and provides budget-saving tips. We've also partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia to create Efficiency Insights—a new feature that compares your energy usage to similar homes in Nova Scotia. With MyEnergy Insights and Efficiency Insights, you have the tools you need to manage your energy use year-round!


For more ways to save money and energy, check out Efficiency Nova Scotia—they are the provincial provider of energy saving programs and services for Nova Scotians.


Learn about the cooling benefits of a heat pump by connecting with one of Nova Scotia Power’s preferred contractors.

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