Trust, Catherine, and Jehosheba’s Heat Pump Story: A cozy, warm, welcoming home

Trust, Catherine, and Jehosheba’s Heat Pump Story: A cozy, warm, welcoming home in Cumberland County

For Trust, Catherine, and Jehosheba, finding a quiet, warm home in Nova Scotia was a must after immigrating from the Southwest of Africa in 2021.  

“When we were looking for a home in Nova Scotia, we wanted a quiet place, outside of the city,” says Trust. “This area of the province has such great people, and they love a good chat about the weather!” 

Trust and Catherine have a busy life—both work full-time jobs while caring for their school-aged daughter, Jehosheba. Trust works from home so he can welcome his daughter home from school daily, while Catherine works shift work as a nurse at the local hospital. They make spending time together as a family a priority. 

“We always make time for our daughter, and eat meals together every day,” says Catherine. “We try as much as possible to do things together even though we’re busy.” 

The family enjoys singing, cooking, and making cards for friends; they’re committed to their neighbourhood, showing kindness and getting out into the community. They have everything they need within walking distance in their small town.




Smart technology provides convenience and warmth in their home 

“I have one less thing to think about with my heat pump,” says Trust. “I don’t have to worry about insurance costs with electric heat, or getting the oil topped up. All that stress is gone when you have a heat pump.” 

Their home has a fully ducted heat pump system, and the family loves the consistent warm air in the winter, and fresh cool air in the summer. 

“We love the technology of our ducted heat pump—and the digital features of the smart thermostat that enables us to make adjustments with ease.” says Trust. “Because our thermostat is connected to my cellphone, it knows when I’m home and away. While I’m away from our home, the heat turns down automatically, and when I return, the house heats up quickly—without me having to do anything.” 

For Trust, it’s all about that cozy, warm and welcoming environment for his family and friends. Plus, he doesn’t have to worry about cutting or storing firewood. 

Why they love their heat pump 

After experiencing the benefits of a heat pump in his home, Trust installed a ductless heat pump in this garage to keep things in storage warm and dry.  

“In the winter, it helps keep Catherine’s car warm, so when she goes to work early or comes home late, she can be comfortable”, says Trust. “And I can work in the garage on projects and not worry about being too hot or too cold.” 

Trust recommends a heat pump to anyone who is thinking about it. It’s easy to use, offers both heating and cooling, and the cost savings can be significant. He has calculated the savings when compared against the price of other heat sources like oil—appreciates the environmental benefits of heating his home with electricity over fossil fuels.

“If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes,” says Trust. “That’s a big saying here, and it’s true. The weather changes so frequently, and it’s important to have an electric system that easily provide comfort in our home, whatever the weather.”



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