Dana and Dar: A cozy, energy-efficient home

Dana and Dar’s Heat Pump Story: A cozy, energy-efficient home on the South Shore

For Dana and Dar, a couple living on Nova Scotia’s rugged South Shore, their home is their sanctuary.  

“Making our house a home has been such a joy”, says Dar. “We’ve built a beautiful garden and pathway, and we’ve decorated it with objects we’ve thrifted and found. We truly love where we live."

Dana and Dar’s love for their community—and each other—is evident. “I’m from Newfoundland originally”, explains Dana. “I came to Nova Scotia for work, but with Dar I have found my home.”

The couple shares an appreciation for nature. They enjoy gathering treasures along the South Shore's beaches, hiking, caring for their many garden projects, and watching the birds that come to visit their home.

“We really believe in protecting the natural world”, says Dana. “It’s why having a heat pump in our home was important to us. We’re trying to move away from fossil fuels. We know that the transition to renewable energy is happening and that electricity is a cleaner environmental choice.”



The benefits of a heat pump

When Dar bought the home in 2021, a heat pump was one of the features she was looking for. She heard from friends about how efficient they were for heating and cooling, and about the opportunities for saving on their energy bill by offsetting the cost of oil.

“We don’t have a huge home—one heat pump enables us to heat the space efficiently and gives us a comfortable, ambient temperature year-round.”

For Dana, using a smart thermostat app makes controlling the heat pump a seamless part of their day—while helping them to save on money and energy.

“With the app, I can set the heat pump to turn on at 5:30 AM so the house is warm when we’re starting our morning. And on cold winter nights, I can adjust the settings so that the heat pump stays on overnight and we don’t have to wake up to a bitterly cold house—our cats and plants like the cozy temperature, too!”

Advice when considering a heat pump

When asked what they’d tell friends or neighbours that were considering a heat pump, Dar has some advice. 

“Check out the grants that are available to help you make the switch from oil to electric. It’s an affordable way to heat your home—it can make a difference for your overall energy bill and it’s better for the environment.”

And as for next steps for their home? Dana and Dar are exploring taking out their oil furnace and replacing it with a ducted heat pump to go completely electric.

“We’re taking small steps over time in our home—the plan is to eventually get off oil”, says Dar. “We know it will make a difference in costs and comfort. It’s a change we would feel good about.”

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