Creating smarter homes and greener communities, together

Creating smarter homes and greener communities, together

Electricity powers our lives. And as we work towards 80 percent renewable energy by 2030, every single device, appliance, and vehicle that uses electricity is getting greener over time.

What does this mean for you?

When Nova Scotians, businesses large and small, and communities choose to use electricity, it’s making a difference for the environment.

Take the Halifax Regional Municipality and the HalifACT 2050 plan for example. It’s a great example of how making changes like switching to electric transportation can help build a greener community. We’ve been supporting Halifax Transit’s work to convert its transit fleet of buses to electric, to help HRM reach its climate goals, and to lower its carbon footprint.

The benefits of a modern grid

As more communities, homeowners, and drivers choose to go electric, modernizing the grid will help manage the increased demand for electricity while we grow our use of renewable energy.

This comes with benefits to you, like greater convenience, exciting new technology, and the ability to lower your carbon footprint.

  • We’re working together with our customers to maximize the value of technology, like batteries and hot water heaters. We can store energy in a customer-owned device when renewable energy generation, like wind, is high. By providing us with access to their devices, customers can contribute to our clean energy transition and save money. It’s a win-win.
  • Smart Meters have now been rolled out to nearly 500,000 homes in Nova Scotia with the goal of providing more convenient, reliable service and control to customers. The technology will enable you to better manage electricity costs while improving our response time during outages and eliminating the need for onsite visits for connections and disconnections.
  • Our Smart Grid Nova Scotia Project is a four year pilot program looking at how we can effectively add more renewable energy to our grid to benefit everyone. It’s also helping us understand the impact of smart-technology integration on our system, study ways to unlock more benefits for customers, and make them more accessible. This includes the province’s first Community Solar Garden in Amherst, launched in 2021. In partnership with the Town of Amherst, we’re able to offer local residents and those across Nova Scotia another renewable option and the opportunity to be part of our clean energy transition. It means you can have easier access to renewable energy, no matter where you live. 
  • There’s more great work happening at Nova Scotia Community College, Middleton Campus where we installed the first bidirectional charging station. This pilot is the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada and among the first in the country. This cutting-edge technology will allow customers to charge their electric vehicles and use their EV battery to power their home or business during an outage.

Our grid has never been more important. And by evolving it, we’re paving the way for more choice and control around how you use energy—for more reliable service and for greater access to new technologies. By working together, we’re building a greener future.

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