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Save money and energy with MyEnergy Insights

Save money and energy with MyEnergy Insights: Three Nova Scotians share their experiences

Have you wondered how much energy you’re using each month? Or which appliances use the most electricity in your home?

MyEnergy Insights can help you with that. Available through MyAccount, the tool provides you with valuable insights into your energy use. It can help you make informed decisions about how you use energy—and that can benefit both your wallet and the environment.

We chatted with customers about their experience with MyEnergy Insights and how they’re using the tool to save energy and money on their power bill.

Making smart energy decisions

By using MyEnergy Insights, Leanne from Elmsdale was able to identify which appliances were using the most energy and made a smart investment in a new fridge that pays off every month.

"I love getting the monthly breakdown emails and seeing how I'm using power based on my appliances. After investing in a new energy efficient fridge, I really see a difference in my costs. My refrigeration costs were almost cut in half.”

Controlling your ‘always-on’ appliances

Blaine from Aylesford was also surprised to learn how much energy his always-on devices, like his countertop kitchen appliances and his Personal Video Recorder (PVR), were consuming.

"I was confused about what was causing my always-on power to be so high. After looking into it further, I realized my PVR was causing a big spike. Who knew a PVR had a similar usage to a mini fridge? I've now installed a power strip, which helps me control some of the always-on power in my home."

MyEnergy Insights helped Blaine identify high-energy devices, and he was able to take action to reduce his energy consumption.

New insights and energy savings for small business owners

MyEnergy Insights isn't just for residential customers, it's also a valuable tool for small business owners, like Kim from Yarmouth.

"As a small business owner who owns my own shop, I watch every expense. After investing in a new heat pump for our store, I was able to see the change in my dashboard. While it increased slightly, it was still less than what I would be paying to heat my store using oil. "

Tracking energy usage through MyEnergy Insights can provide small business owners with valuable insights into their usage patterns, such as comparing their usage patterns or inefficient appliances between operating and non-operating hours. These insights can help business owners make informed decisions to benefit their bottom line, such as investing in new heating and cooling equipment.

With features like monthly breakdown emails, high-usage and billing alerts, MyEnergy Insights can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your energy use—so you can save on your bill.

Visit to learn more, or log in to MyAccount to check out your energy usage.

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