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Building the Grid of the Future, Together: Learning from Smart Grid Nova Scotia

The grid of the future will be powered by renewable energy—and it must also be reliable and resilient. We can’t get there without doing things differently.

Powering Your Community: Meet our Reliability Advisors

Meet our Reliability Advisors: The team dedicated to working with customers to answer questions and communicate the work we’re doing in their community to reduce power outages.

Trust, Catherine, and Jehosheba’s Heat Pump Story: A cozy, warm, welcoming home

Finding a quiet, warm home in Nova Scotia was a must after immigrating from the Southwest of Africa. Thanks to their heat pump, they have one less thing to think about while leading busy lives.

Leading the Charge: Phil’s eco-friendly journey

Through his personal experiences and practical tips, Phil is sharing his journey towards environmental stewardship and his passion for turning every day into Earth Day.

Dana and Dar: A cozy, energy-efficient home

As Dana & Dar transition from fossil fuels, they knew a heat pump was a step in the right direction for their cozy home on the South Shore.

Get to Know Dion, Operations Manager

Dion oversees all our power line technicians and depots from Amherst to Canso. He's learning about energy delivery and supporting our teams and crews in working safely to serve our customers.

You Asked, We Answer: What caused Saturday’s transmission line outage?

We asked Jill Searle, Director of Control Centre Operations, to explain this weekend’s transmission line outage and answer your most asked questions.

A renewable energy spotlight on International Women’s Day

Through an honest discussion with Joanna Osawe and Lia MacDonald, we’re diving into the achievements, challenges, and aspirations of women working in a traditionally male-dominated field: the energy sector.

The Path to 2030: Nova Scotia’s clean energy future

We are working toward 80% renewable energy by 2030 and becoming net-zero by 2035.

Charging Forward: Atlantic Canada’s largest grid-scale battery facilities

Grid-scale batteries will help shape our energy future. They enable us to store renewable energy and bring it to the grid when we need it most.

A Yellow Hat Electrical Engineer

Electricity 101: Our Substations

Have you ever wondered how electricity travels to your home? Or about what happens after electricity is made in our power plants? We asked Adam King, Manager of Substation Operations, to tell us a little bit about the role substations play in delivering electricity to our communities.

You Asked, We Answer: Storm Outages

We asked our Storm Lead, Jill Searle, to answer some of the most common questions related to power outages.

You Asked, We Answer: Outages & Estimated Restoration Times

During a power outage, our team uses the best information we have at the time to give customers the most accurate estimate of when they can expect their power to be restored.

Celebrating Diwali

Observed by more than a billion people from a variety of faiths, the five days of Diwali are marked by prayer, feasts, fireworks, family gatherings, and charitable giving. Learn more about light over darkness from our team members Shiva and Riddhima.

Collaborating With Communities on Our Energy Future

We have a collective mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight the effects of climate change. With that comes an entirely new clean energy and clean tech sector that is playing a key part in the province’s economic future. Nova Scotia Power has an important role in supporting the historic growth and development we are seeing—and we recognize the critical role that municipalities play, too. Together we can make big changes happen for the future of our communities.

Now it Can Be Told: NS Light and Power’s Top-Secret War Efforts

In a daring move during World War II, senior naval staff sought help from NS Light and Power to combat the Nazis' high-tech magnetic mines and torpedoes targeting Allied ships. The solution was "degaussing", a technology involving mines or wire coiled around ships' decks to neutralize their magnetic profiles, a vital defence strategy implemented on ships from various nations entering Halifax's port.

Beware of phantom energy

How can you combat phantom electricity in your home?

Hurricane Fiona: One year later

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since Hurricane Fiona made landfall. Described as having the power of Hurricane Juan, and the size of Hurricane Dorian, Fiona was a record-breaking storm, bringing the greatest impact in our province’s history.

What to expect this hurricane season and how to stay prepared

It’s been an eventful year for weather here in Nova Scotia. As we kick off another fall hurricane season, staying prepared is critical. Learn about what’s in the forecast, along with some helpful tips for staying safe and storm ready.

What to expect this hurricane season and how to stay prepared

It’s already been an eventful year for weather here in Nova Scotia. As we kick off another fall hurricane season, staying prepared is critical. Here are some insights on the forecast for this season, along with some tips for staying safe and storm ready.

You Asked, We Answer: Preventing outages through tree trimming

Trees make our province a beautiful place—but when they get too close to power lines, they can cause outages. You often ask us about how and where we trim trees—so in this edition of You Asked, We Answer, we’re responding to your tree trimming questions

You Asked, We Answer: Preventing outages through tree trimming

Trees make our province a beautiful place—but when they get too close to power lines, they can cause outages. In this edition of You Asked, We Answer, we’re responding to your top tree trimming questions.

The Path to 2030: How will you reach 80% renewable energy?

We’re on a path to phase out coal and reach 80% renewable energy by 2030. How will we get there? Like any goal worth striving for, there’s a lot to consider. Today, approximately 40% of the electricity we generate comes from renewable sources. It means we have some challenges ahead and decisions to make over the next 6.5 years to transform how we make and deliver electricity, while ensuring that as our energy gets greener, it stays reliable, too.

Women Unlimited breaking down barriers

Women Unlimited provides support to women interested in working in trades and technology through a wide range of mentorships. We chatted with Ann Wilson, a Contract Management Analyst who started her career at our Tufts Cove Generating Station, about her experience as a former participant of Women Unlimited.

In the Spotlight: Women in engineering

For International Women in Engineering Day, we’re celebrating a few of the women who play a vital role in keeping electricity flowing across Nova Scotia. Get to know Mink Aich, Lynne Drover, Parnian Hajimomenian, Mishika Hannedige and Danya MacGillivray.

Joy and Justice: Recognizing Pride and National Indigenous History Month

Nik Phillips, a two-spirited Mi'kmaw knowledge keeper of Millbrook First Nation, chatted with us about identity, acceptance and building safer communities.

National Electricity Month: How we’re modernizing our grid

We know you rely on us to provide clean and reliable electricity to power your day. That’s why we’ve been modernizing our grid and transitioning to renewable energy—and in this article, we’re breaking down how it can benefit you.

MyEnergy Insights Dashboard on laptop

Save money and energy with MyEnergy Insights

Have you wondered how much energy you’re using each month? Or which appliances use the most electricity in your home? MyEnergy Insights can help you with that. We chatted with customers about their experience and how they’re using the tool to save energy and money on their power bill.

Building preparedness habits for year-round safety

Emergencies are never fun to think about, but they can happen at any time. And with a plan in place, you can respond quickly and stay safe. We spoke with Ken Meade, our VP of Health, Safety & Environment about the importance of emergency preparedness.

Chasing Wind: How EV drivers in Nova Scotia can charge up on wind power

Smart charging can help us get ready for more electric vehicles on the road—and there are benefits for both the grid and for Nova Scotians. By shifting electric vehicle charging to times when our generation mix is lower carbon, we can make a meaningful difference for the environment.


A message from our CEO

A message from our CEO to update you on the recent decision by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB) regarding changes to your power bill.

You Asked, We Answer: Why did I get an email about higher than usual power usage?

MyEnergy Insights provides information and tips to help you make informed decisions about your power use. We’re sharing our answers to your top questions about this tool and the high-usage notifications you may be receiving.

Powerful Perspectives: Women in Energy

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women that are working to make a difference for our customers and keeping electricity flowing to our communities.

The significance of African Heritage Month

We chatted with Ann Wilson and Ibimina Koko, members of the Black Employee Resource Group at our company, about African Heritage Month, its significance and how it reflects their own experiences.

Safety tips: How to stay safe and ready this storm season

We know power outages are inconvenient and can impact your life. That’s why we’re sharing how our team stays storm ready, and we encourage you to do the same by following a few safety and preparedness tips.

Rainbow Refugee NS supports LGBTQI+ newcomers through a circle of care model

The Rainbow Refugee Association of Nova Scotia provides support to LGBTQI+ refugees to resettle in Nova Scotia. We chatted with Rhiannon Makohoniuk, Executive Director of Rainbow Refugee NS, about the association and the great work they do to help newcomers settle in our beautiful province.

How we plan and stay prepared for storms

Storm season is here, which means planning and preparing for some powerful storms. We’re sharing how we stay prepared for storm season and proactively maintain and storm-harden the grid.

You Asked, We Answer: What happened this past weekend with the extreme temperatures?

This past weekend, we experienced record-breaking extreme cold weather conditions, which led to some power outages. You asked us a lot of important questions, and we’re answering the top ones.

Psychological health and safety in the workplace and at home

When we think of psychological health and safety, what may come to mind are things such as practicing self-care, asking for help, creating personal boundaries, and including exercise and good nutrition in our day. While these are all great strategies, there is more to psychological safety both at work and at home.

What to expect this winter storm season and how to stay prepared

We chatted with Bob Robichaud, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Jason Mew, Incident Management Director at the Nova Scotia EMO, about what to expect this season and how to stay prepared.

You Asked, We Answer: Extreme weather and our power grid

Reliability Engineer, Julius Mantolino explains what’s happening with our weather, how it’s impacting our grid and what we're doing to storm-harden it.

You Asked, We Answer: Why don’t you run more powerlines underground?

When power outages happen, one of the top questions we hear from you most is “Why don’t you bury the powerlines?”. We're breaking down the answer further.

twinkle lights

Twelve ways to stay safe this holiday season

As you’re decking the halls, and hanging your twinkle lights, remember to keep safety at the top of your list. With these electrical safety tips, you’ll be sure to have a stress-free holiday that’s merry and bright.


Cleaning up after Fiona

Hurricane Fiona was historic, and our storm response effort was too. More than three weeks after hurricane-force winds swept across the province, the cleanup continues.

Clean Energy Update: Battery Storage & Beyond

We checked in with Mark Sidebottom, our newly appointed Chief Clean Energy Officer, for an update on what’s next for our clean energy transition and what it all means for customers.


You Asked, We Answer: Electric Vehicles

With more EVs on the road, you’ve been asking us some important questions about driving electric—from affordability and charging options, to battery longevity and environmental impact.

At the ready during hurricane season

As you may have heard, this hurricane season might be stormy! To help you stay prepared, here's a breakdown of what you should expect this season.

How EV batteries can change the ways we power our lives, homes and businesses

We chatted with Jeff Dahn, Dalhousie Professor and NSERC/Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, about how EV batteries can help us shape our energy future and bring benefits for all Nova Scotians.

What to know before buying an electric car

Are you thinking about going electric for your next vehicle purchase? Curious if it’s an affordable option? We asked our friends at Next Ride Nova Scotia to answer your questions and break down the top things you need to know about EVs.

Carol Dayment and her friend

Celebrating Pride & Building an Inclusive Workplace

Communities across Nova Scotia take part in Pride week festivities. It’s an opportunity to show support for the 2SLGBTQAI+ community, and to raise awareness of the progress that has been made and the work that still needs to be done to ensure equal rights and representation for people of all sexual and gender identities.