Benefits of Electric Vehicles


Switching to an electric vehicle can save you up to $2000 a year as they use much less energy to operate. Since the cost of electricity is much lower than the cost of gas, you’ll reap the benefit of saving money and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions when you drive electric.


Many new models have a range of over 300 km, with some lasting over 500 km before needing to be charged. There are approximately 100 public charging stations across Nova Scotia to make sure you’re never without an outlet on the road, and more charging stations are being installed every year.

Electric Car Charge Station 


The motor inside an EV has significantly fewer parts than a gas motor.  There are no coolants, oils, mufflers or exhaust systems to worry about, so you’ll also save money on maintenance compared to a gas-powered vehicle.


Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Nova Scotia. With a portion Nova Scotia’s electricity coming from renewable resources, and with the percentage of renewable sources growing every year, driving an EV can reduce your emissions footprint. An EV in Nova Scotia emits as much as 50% less CO2 than a gas car, which will only improve overtime as we reach 40% renewable electricity in 2020 and approaching 60% in 2021.


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Learn everything you need to know about EVs in our Electrify Your Ride booklet prepared by Nova Scotia Power and Plug N Drive.

Ask the Experts: Electric Vehicle Benefits

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