Types of EVs

Types of Electric Vehicles

There are three types of EVs on the road today:


Non plug-in

The most common type of EV available today, hybrids rely on two drive systems to generate their own electricity to feed their batteries. Nearly every major manufacturer offers many different models of hybrids for customers to choose from.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)


A PHEV has both a rechargeable battery pack and a gasoline engine, and if the battery pack is depleted, the gasoline engine takes over.

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)


BEVs are powered only by a rechargeable battery pack, nothing else. Without any gasoline, they generate zero emissions.

Types of EVs1 

While you can always simply plug your EV into any grounded exterior outlet, there are lots of easy ways to quickly charge your EV in Nova Scotia.

Types of EVs2 

LEVEL 1 (120 Volts/15 Amps)

Portable and standard wall outlets

Best for charging your EV overnight at your home or in a garage. Less than 13 hours.

Types of EVs3

LEVEL 2 (240 Volts/30 Amps)

On-board charging station

The most common charging station for EVs, easy to install in a garage or driveway. 3-8 hours.

Types of EVs4 

LEVEL 3 (480 Volts/100 Amps) - DC quick chargers

High-powered charging station

Super charged DC outlets in stations around Nova Scotia will charge your EV in just minutes. 15-30 minutes.

Energy Products

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