Benefits of Electrical Thermal Storage

Electric thermal storage is a great solution to help you save money while keeping your home cozy and comfortable. As a specialized electric heater used in combination with Nova Scotia Power’s optional Time-of-Day (TOD) rates, it works to store heat during off-peak hours when electricity costs are the lowest. It then releases the stored heat throughout the day when required allowing you to take advantage of cheaper TOD power rates.

Benefit from time-of-day rates

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The time-of-day (TOD) rate is an optional rate available to residential customers. Customers who qualify for the rate can take advantage of low-cost electricity by focusing on the “time of day” the energy is used. The rate reflects the actual cost to generate the electricity and provides low-cost electricity during “off-peak” energy times. Electric thermal storage systems qualify for use with the TOD rate by storing heat and releasing it through appropriate timing and controls.

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