Paperless Billing


Make the convenient choice to go paperless and receive your bills online.

Paperless billing is a convenient summary of your bill emailed directly to your inbox. The email notification provides your amount owing, payment due date, and the option to view your full bill and usage history. Your electronic bill looks exactly the same as your paper bill.


How to sign up

  1. Go to MyAccount.

  2. Enter your name.

  3. Enter your e-mail address and choose a password.

  4. Select account security questions.

  5. Enter your account number and web access code.


Once you have completed the last step, you will receive an email from MyAccount. Simply click on the link in the body of the email to complete registration.


Why choose paperless?


NSP_Site_Icon_LightBulb_Blue_50x50SECURE: Access your account with your email address and password. Security questions protect your information. 


NSP_Site_Icon_Chat_Blue_50x50CONVENIENT: You can set reminders to ensure you never miss a payment. You can also set automated payments.


NSP_Site_Icon_House_Blue_50x50EASY: Your payment history, bill balance, amount owing is all at your fingertips.


How can my scheduled payments be changed or canceled?

When the payment status is SCHEDULED, you can still change the payment amount or cancel the payment. To do this, go to the payment section of MyAccount.

Once the payment status is changed to PENDING, it cannot be canceled or modified. Contact Customer Care if you paid an account in error and need to make adjustments. You can reach us at 1-800-428-6230.

What does the payment status mean?

 When a recurring payment is made on e-pay it goes through a few different stages as it is processed.

  • An upcoming payment due to be withdrawn from your account will display as SCHEDULED.
  • At the time of the withdrawal the status changes to PENDING. Once the payment has been processed by the bank it will change to either APPROVED or REJECTED.
  • Payments made toward bills outside of e-pay will be displayed in the Payment section with an APPROVED or REJECTED status.

Payment status can be monitored as it goes through different stages of processing. This can be done from the Payment section of the portal.

How do I change or cancel self-serve payments?

To cancel self-serve payments:

  1. Login to MyAccount.
  2. Select Billing and Payments.
  3. Go to the Payment section and select “View & Add Payment Accounts".
  4. Edit your bank account information, delete the bank account information or add another payment account.

How can I use my Credit Card?

 We accept Visa or MasterCard payments using EZPay. Learn more about our payment options.