NS–NB Reliability Tie

The NS–NB Reliability Tie is a new 345 kV transmission line twinning an existing line to New Brunswick. The line will traverse approximately 96 km from Onslow, Nova Scotia to the New Brunswick border. The route will parallel an existing 345 kV line, and this new transmission line will be strung on separate steel towers located in a parallel corridor.

This new transmission line between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is an important asset to support reliable electricity in Nova Scotia and to support the integration of new wind energy anticipated to be added to the grid.

To date, conceptual engineering has been completed for the project, as well as early geotechnical investigations. The next steps will be to commence detailed engineering with line construction planned to be completed by the end of 2027.

To receive project updates as this project advances, learn about additional upcoming engagement opportunities, or provide your feedback, please contact cleanenergyfuture@nspower.ca.

Our Environmental Assessment

Nova Scotia Power registered the Environmental Assessment (EA) for this project on October 26, 2023. On December 15, 2023, this registration was approved with conditions—learn more here.

The EA is an important process that demonstrates our diligence in evaluating and addressing any environmental risk as part of the project. The process leading up to the filing has included engagement with the Mi’kmaq, local communities, environmental and other special interest groups, landowners, government, and other stakeholders through one-on-one meetings, open houses, and surveys.

Collaboration, innovative thinking, and a commitment to sustainability are driving us towards a greener and smarter energy future; and we need like-minded businesses working with us to get there.

We rely on vendors and businesses for the goods and services needed to ensure safe, reliable, and affordable service for our customers across the province every day. We're committed to ongoing communication with the business community and helping ensure awareness of local and other businesses with the right products and skills that can be invited to participate in our procurement processes.

We aim to provide strategic and sustainable purchasing, increase competition, provide transparency, and deliver equity in the procurement of goods and services.

Visit here to view current opportunities in our Bonfire portal.

Potential Opportunities:

ArboristsPortable toilet rentals
ArchaeologyPower line technicians
Civil worksQuality control professionals
Crane operatorsRefueling services
Community monitorsSafety professionals
Environmental monitorsSecurity
Forestry professionalsSnow removal
Forestry equipment operatorsSurveying
Garbage disposalTower assembly crew
Heavy equipment operatorsTraffic control
LaborersWelding & fabrication


Contact procurement@nspower.ca for more information.

Image: Pole setting work by contractor.

Our Code of Conduct is central to the way we work across Emera. It guides our decision-making and overall approach to our business.

Learn more about our Code of Conduct policy.

All potential vendors must comply with the company’s health, safety, environment, and other corporate policies. A strong, health-and-safety-focused culture and a demonstrated track record of working safely are first and foremost.

Any contractor working with an Emera company in Canada may be required to comply with the following policies:

  1. Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  2. Environmental Policy
  3. Respectful Workplace Policy
  4. Smoke-Free Workplace Policy
  5. Alcohol & Drug Policy
  6. Alcohol & Drug – Statement of Expectations for Contractors
  7. Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Policy

Image: Contractor reviewing project materials.

Nova Scotia Power's procurement team has partnered with Bonfire Interactive to create a new procurement portal that will allow you to receive notifications of business opportunities and submit proposals to NSP electronically. If you have not registered with Bonfire, choose the New Vendor registration link. If you have already registered, you can log in with your existing Bonfire username and password.

Enrolling in Bonfire

Visit Bonfire Interactive to begin enrollment. Note: There is no charge to vendors to use the procurement portal.

  1. Click on Register and New Vendor Registration
  2. Complete the information and click Create Account
  3. Click Send Account Confirmation Email
  4. Go to your email and confirm the account; the vendor registration information page opens automatically
  5. Click Continue to Registration Complete

If you require assistance using the Bonfire procurement portal, please contact Bonfire Support at 1-800-354-8010 ext. 2, Monday–Friday from 8 AM–8 PM EST.

Image: Contractors working safely.

Disclaimer: The use of the Bonfire Interactive procurement portal for NSPI solicitations does not require your organization to participate in any of the Bonfire subscription services or options. NSPI does not endorse Bonfire Interactive subscription services apart from the free service provided to NSPI business partners. If you received undesired marketing emails or notifications from Bonfire Interactive, you may use their Unsubscribe link.

We are part of a world-class safety organization where all employees have a belief in zero injuries as an achievable goal and all employees take ownership and responsibility for safety. We believe there is always a way to improve to help ensure everybody goes home safe every day.

The success of our safety culture and behaviour program requires our contractors and consultants to believe and act the same way as our employees. Contractor safety is a core element of our Safety Program.

We complete due diligence before the award of any contract to ensure our contractors are aligned with our safety culture. Before work starts, we ensure that the individuals who are coming to our sites understand our expectations.

By completing our Contractor Orientation package, our contractors and consultants understand:

  • The goal is for everybody to go home safely every day
  • The belief that all incidents are preventable
  • The responsibilities and rights of all individuals on our sites
  • The expectation that all individuals speak up and participate in our safety program
  • Safe Start concepts and the importance of the right safety mindset
  • The importance of completing a risk assessment before any work begins

Learn more about our Contractor Safety Program.



Our employees incorporate environmental considerations in all aspects of their work and take care and pride that their activities are consistent with our environmental policy. We have the same high expectations of contractors and suppliers when they are on company property or are otherwise doing business with the company.

Environmental protection procedures ensure that practices used by employees, contractors, and consultants address all relevant acts and regulations, demonstrate environmental due diligence, and meet all company commitments to the government, the public, and landowners.

It is important to Nova Scotia Power that contractors and suppliers understand our commitment to the environment and that they identify opportunities to enhance our environmental initiatives. We all have a responsibility to work together to improve environmental performance.

To learn more about our environmental policy and programs, visit here.

Image: Employee overseeing the installation of environmental protection devices.