Research & Pilot Programs

Customer Research

We conduct research so we can better serve our customers. Here is a list of current research and surveys being conducted.

NameObjectiveFrequency & MethodAudienceAdministered By
Transactional Research
Gauge customers' opinion about their interactions with NS Power


via phone or email

Randomly selected customers of NS Power who have had a recent service interactionTouchLogic or NS Power
Customer Usage Survey
Remain current on patterns and trends in residential customer energy consumption to inform load forecasting models


via email

Randomly selected residential customers of NS PowerNarrative Research

Pilot Programs

We are working towards building a smarter grid and piloting new technology to create a future that is cleaner, reliable, and affordable for Nova Scotians. Here is a list of our current pilot programs:


Smart Grid Nova Scotia

As we continue to lead North America in reducing carbon emissions, we need innovative solutions to add more renewables and new energy solutions to our grid. In Nova Scotia, we plan to build and connect:

  • a 2 MW community solar garden
  • 3 commercial deployments of rooftop solar and battery storage 
  • Up to 150 distributed batteries 
  • Up to 120 smart EV chargers

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Intelligent Feeder

In the community of Elmsdale, we are working with customers and industry leaders to examine how battery technology and microgrids can help us better serve our customers. Dubbed the "Intelligent Feeder Project," this pilot project is helping us understand how batteries can help us use renewable energy more efficiently, while providing back-up power to customers during power outages - so they essentially don't experience the outage! 

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Time-of-Day Rate Pilot Program

One of the many benefits of upgrading homes and businesses across Nova Scotia to smart meters is the ability for us to offer customers more choice of rate plans that suit their unique energy needs. We are currently piloting two new rate plans (Time-of-Use and Critical Peak) with a limited number of customers that provides an opportunity for them to save money on their power bill by shifting some of their energy use from peak hours when there is a high demand for electricity to off-peak hours when demand is lower.

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Energy Products for Your Home

Electric thermal storage, smart thermostats, and electric water heaters are just a few technologies that help us build a cleaner, greener Nova Scotia together.



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