Efficiency Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Power partner to offer Nova Scotians more ways to save on their power bills with Efficiency Insights

Halifax, NS – Efficiency Nova Scotia (operated by EfficiencyOne) and Nova Scotia Power are pleased to partner on Efficiency Insights—a new feature within the current MyEnergy Insights (MEI) tool—to offer Nova Scotians more ways to understand their energy use and identify programs to save on their power bills.

“We know Nova Scotians are eager to take more control over their energy consumption,” says Janet Tobin, spokesperson for Efficiency Nova Scotia. “We are excited to work with Nova Scotia Power to provide Efficiency Insights, which compares a home’s electricity usage with similar homes in the province, provides Nova Scotians with a better understanding of their energy use, and offers personalized energy efficiency tips.”

Customers who have an online account, MyAccount, with Nova Scotia Power will be able to access enhanced features within the current MEI tool called Efficiency Insights. These include personalized energy savings tips, home comparisons, and energy efficient solutions.

“By working together with Efficiency Nova Scotia on these enhancements to MyEnergy Insights, we can now offer customers access to more information on their energy consumption and how to make changes to lower costs,” says Lia MacDonald, Vice President of Customer Service & Innovation for Nova Scotia Power. “Our teams work every day to find ways to help Nova Scotians with their power bills, especially those who are struggling with the rising costs of necessities.”

Starting April 30, Efficiency Insights will help customers find meaningful ways to reduce their energy use—and ultimately help them reduce their energy bills. Participating customers will also receive Efficiency Insights reports by mail and email throughout the year in sync with Nova Scotia Power’s electricity usage summaries.

“Costs are rising across the board, and for many Nova Scotians, their energy bill can be one of their largest costs,” says Tobin. “Our goal, along with Nova Scotia Power, is to guide Nova Scotians toward lower energy use and greater savings, putting money back in their pockets when they need it most.”

Efficiency Insights will be available to all Nova Scotia Power customers that have an online MyAccount and MyEnergy Insights. Customers are encouraged to sign up if they haven't already.

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About EfficiencyOne

EfficiencyOne, operating in Nova Scotia as Efficiency Nova Scotia, transforms the way people use energy. Together, we help people achieve their energy goals, save money, conserve resources, improve wellbeing, and combat climate change. Our role is to inform and motivate Nova Scotians to use less energy, use it smarter, and enjoy the good things efficiency brings. Investing in energy efficiency comes with many benefits—lower heating bills, more comfortable spaces, new jobs in your community, and a smaller overall carbon footprint. To date, EfficiencyOne has achieved more than $4 billion in energy savings, including over 400 million for low-income homeowners and renters, and contributed 22% of Nova Scotia’s GHG emission reductions. Learn more at www.efficiencyone.ca.

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About Nova Scotia Power

Nova Scotia Power Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emera Inc. (TSX-EMA), a diversified energy and services company. Nova Scotia Power provides 95% of the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power to approximately 540,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers across Nova Scotia. The company is focused on new technologies to enhance customer service and reliability, reduce emissions, and add renewable energy. Nova Scotia Power has over 2,200 employees and $4.5 billion in operating assets. Learn more at www.nspower.ca

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