Heat pump installation costs and rebates

Heat pump installation costs and rebates

Purchase and installation costs

Switching to a heat pump is often easier and less expensive than you might think. The average cost of an installed ductless heat pump with one indoor heating/cooling zone is between $3,500 and $5,000. Additional heating zones and greater heating capacities will increase the cost of the system. Other factors that will affect the cost of an installed system include the brand, model, warranty, and installation requirements. We recommend you get at least three quotes from qualified contractors.

Installation and rebates

We work with a network of trusted contractors who can help to install your heat pump. From scheduling a home visit, providing you with a quote, through to installing your new heat pump, our contractors are there every step of the way. Some of our participating contractors offer rebates on the heat pumps they install. See current offers here: Contractor Rebates.

Also, Efficiency One—the independent, non-profit organization that oversees energy efficiency programs in Nova Scotia—offers incentives on heat pumps. For more information visit www.efficiencyns.ca or call 1-877-999-6035.

On-bill financing

We can help you invest in the benefits of a heat pump through our easy, on-bill financing options. This way, you can add payments directly onto your power bill.

Get Estimates

You’ll need to get a quote from our list of participating contractors. We recommend getting at least three different quotes to compare options and pricing.

Credit Application

Once you’ve chosen a contractor, they’ll help you complete a credit application form which will then be shared with our team to review.


Once you’re approved, we’ll get in touch with your contractor and they will arrange the installation.

After the installation, you’ll see charges on your monthly bill until your term is complete. If you have questions about our on-bill financing program, you can contact us at 902-428-6774 (HRM) or 1-800-428-6774 (outside of HRM) on weekdays from 8am to 8pm.

Please note:

  • Customers must have an existing Nova Scotia Power account in good standing and own the residence where the product will be installed. Renters are not eligible for financing.
  • A customer can pay the financing charge in full at any time without penalty.
  • A customer can add a lump sum payment to shorten the term, without penalty.
  • The total amount financed can include service upgrades, heating solutions bundles, maintenance packages, and/or extended warranties.
  • 7% interest rate, 3- to 10-year term options.


7.0%3 to 10 yearsLease-to-own - at the end of the term of the lease, and the payment of one dollar, ownership is transferred. The lease is also transferrable to an approved buyer in the event of the sale of the home. If account is terminated the outstanding balance is billed in full. The financing covers the total price, including installation and taxes.
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Call us at 1-800-428-6774 outside of HRM, weekdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.