Benefits of Heat Pumps

Benefits of heat pumps

If you make one addition to your home heating setup, many experts agree that a heat pump offers the most benefits.

Heat pumps provide both heat and cooling

Heat pumps, whether air source or ground source, transfer heat energy two ways—either from the outside in, or the inside out. They can also be set to only dehumidify. This means that one heat pump system can perform three functions very efficiently, saving you money on your heating, cooling, and dehumidification costs.

Warm your winter

In the winter months, heat pumps move heat energy from outside to the air inside your home. Despite the outdoor winter air feeling very cold to us, there’s actually more than enough warmth in the air on a typical Nova Scotia winter day for a heat pump to heat the average home.

Air at -18°C still contains about 85% of the heat energy it contains at 21°C. Air source heat pumps can be effective in temperatures as low as -27°C. As the outdoor temperature drops below this point, a backup heating source may need to kick in to lessen the load.

Cool your summer

During the warmer months, heat pumps work in reverse. They keep your home cool and comfortable by moving heat and humidity from inside your home to the outside air or ground. The heat pump unit acts as a fully equipped air conditioner. They’re reliable, efficient, and offer total home comfort in one system.

Heat pumps are very energy efficient

Heat pumps are one of the best home heating options for Nova Scotians because our moderate climate makes them highly efficient to run. In fact, they’re up to 300% more efficient—because they can more easily move heat energy than other heating units (like an oil-fired furnace) can create it. When it comes to cooling, they’re up to 200% more efficient than traditional air conditioning units. Even better, most of the energy they use comes from renewable sources, so they’re environmentally-friendly.

Heat pumps will save you money

The laws of thermodynamics dictate that you can’t produce energy from nothing, but heat pumps come the closest! For every kWh of energy you put in (to run the compressor, pump the refrigerant, and power the fans), you get 2-3 kWh of energy out. Put another way, for every dollar of electricity you put in, you get $2-$3 of heat out. This is how heat pumps are up to 300% efficient.

Electric heating, on the other hand, is 100% efficient—so for every $1 of electricity you put in, you get $1 of heat out. Oil, propane, and natural gas furnaces are less efficient options, typically less than 100%, because it takes energy to create heat.

Although there’s an upfront cost to buy and install your heat pump, most people break even on their heat pump investment within 4 to 7 years. And with our on-bill financing, you can spread your payments out at a favourable interest rate.

How much could you save? Find out!

Add an electrical thermal storage (ETS) unit for more savings.

Adding a heat pump to your home is a big first step to increasing your home’s comfort and efficiency when it comes to heating. Want to boost your savings even more? Add an ETS and you can also take advantage of our Time-of-Day rates. An ETS stores heat during off-peak hours when electricity costs are the lowest, and then releases the stored heat when it’s required throughout the day. This way, when your heat pump calls for additional heat from a backup source, your ETS can kick in, releasing heat that you purchased at a lower rate. 
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