B-0-Index15/03/2013 Electrical Inspections Bulletin Index
B-B1-00101/11/2018 NS Power Electrical Inspection Business
B-B1-00201/11/2008 Issuing of Wiring Permits
B-B1-00301/09/1999 Monthly Billing for Wiring Permits
B-B1-00401/09/1999 Safe Access to Construction Sites (Lands & Buildings) for NSPI Inspection Personnel
B-B1-00501/03/2004 Protective Footwear for Inspectors on Construction Sites
B-02-00015/11/2015 Adoption and Compliance of the Canadian Electrical Code Part 1
B-02-00401/12/2015 Issuance of Electrical Wiring Permits
B-02-00601/08/2011 Final Inspection of Electrical Installations
B-02-006.101/02/2017 Inspection Requirements for Residential Occupancies
B-2-008.101/01/2014 Revised Electrical Inspection Fees
B-2-01201/03/2007 Connections - Working on Live Equipment
B-2-01413/12/2019 UPDATED - Submittal of Electrical Plans for Inspection Department Acceptance
B-2-014.101/08/2015 Plans Review Submittal Form
B-02-016.101/09/1999 Utility Power Connection for New Services
B-02-016.201/07/2002 Re-Connection of Customer Services
B-02-01815/12/2015 Use of Electrical Jumpers
B-02-02215/12/2015 Minimum Requirements For Upgrading Service For Single Family Dwellings
B-02-022.406/02/2019 NEW - Servicing Utility Owned Metering Equipment
B-04-024.101/03/2009 Approval of Electrical Equipment
B-2-024.201/12/2015 Retrofitting of Luminaries
*Please reference Department of Labour and Advanced Education Electrical Bulletins 2011-05 and 2011-06
B-2-024.3 01/10/2019 NEW - Acceptable Installation Methods & Equipment for Temporary Power Connections 
B-02-13615/11/2015 Insulation Integrity
B-02-30001/06/2005 Electrical Equipment Exposed to Water Damage
B-04-02401/12/2015 Size of Neutral Conductor
B-04-03815/11/2015 Colour of Insulated Bonding Conductors
B-04-038.115/11/2015 Identification of Conductors in Parallel
B-06-11201/11/2008 Maximum Length of Utility Triplex Service Conductor for Mobile Homes
B-06-2061/02/2009 Length of Service Entrance Conductors for Skirted Mobile Homes
B-06-302.101/12/2015 Acceptable Wiring Methods for Consumers' Overhead Services
B-06-302.202/12/1996 Use of #10 AWG, Cu and #8 AWG, Al Service Wire
B-06-40011/08/1993 Requirements for Meter Bases
B-10-40001/03/2007 Equipment Bonding of Raceways and Outlet Boxes for Communication Systems
B-10-40601/03/2000 Interior Metal Gas Pipe Bonding
B-10-70002/12/1996 Metal Well Casing as a Grounding Electrode
B-10-700.101/02/2009 Grounding Rod Electrode Requirements
B-10-80601/12/2015 Installation of Grounding Conductors for Isolated Systems
B-12-01230/05/1997 Contractor Access to Underground Residential Distribution (URD) Service Boxes
B-12-012.101/02/2009 Use of Electrical Marker Tape for Underground Primary and Secondary Cables
B-12-50001/12/2015 Installation and Support of (Stapling) Nonmetallic Sheathed Cables
Solar Photovoltaic Installations
B-12-90801/09/1999 Wire Pulling Compounds
B-12-111801/09/1999 Compensation for Linear Expansion And Frost Action For Rigid PVC Conduit (Non-Metallic Raceway)
B-14-01218/09/1989 Interrupting Capacity for Anticipated Fault Currents for 3P, 4W, Multi-Grounded Low Voltage Systems
B-14-20001/01/1981 Use of 'D' and 'P' Type Fuses
B-22-10001/03/2007 Sewage Lift Pumps (Residential Single Family Dwelling)
B-26-71001/02/2009 Finished (Unfinished) Walls or Areas
B-26-71401/07/2016 Installation of Outside Receptacles for Single Dwellings and Dwelling Units
B-26-72415/12/2015 Requirements for Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters
B-26-80601/21/2011 Furnace Switch Locations
B-28-90015/11/2015 Standby Generator Installations
B-30-100015/11/2015 Installation and Inspection Requirements for Street and Roadway Lighting Systems
B-32-00001/03/2004 Installation and Verification of Fire Alarm Systems
B-36-00013/12/2019UPDATED - Customer Owned High Voltage Installations
B-72-00001/01/2006 Consumer Services for Recreational Vehicle Sites and Similar Locations
B-76-00015/10/2017 Temporary Electrical Installations
B-64-20011/08/2019 NEW - Solar Photovoltaic Installations