Standards of Conduct Compliance Information

Standards of Conduct Compliance Information

Chief Compliance Officer

Nova Scotia Power's Chief Compliance Officer is:

Nicole Mosher
5 Long Lake Drive
Ragged Lake Industrial Park
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3S-1N8

Updated: 01-14-2020

Marketing, Sales and Energy Affiliates

Nova Scotia Power Fuels, Energy and Risk Management
1223 Lower Water Street
Halifax, NS B3J 3S8


Affiliates can be found at

Shared Employees

Nova Scotia Power Inc. Transmission System Operations and Reliability Functions have no categories of shared employees with its Sales, Marketing and Energy Affiliates other than senior officers and directors who are not Transmission Function Employees.
Updated: 01-14-2020

Shared Facilities

Some office space in NSPI's Lakeside facility is shared by staff from the Hydro Planning team and staff in the Customer Operations Division, including maintenance staff. The address is: 25 Lakeside Park Dr., Lakeside Ind. Park, Halifax, NS B3J 2W5
Updated: 01-14-2020

Employee Transfers

Information on any employees transferred between Transmission Functions and Marketing, Sales or Brokering functions

Ashraf Abdelrahman - Transferred roles Friday October 18, 2019

Existing Title - T&D Capital Engineer

Transmission Function


New Title - Capital Program Engineer

Capital projects ongoing and planned for Wreck Cove

Updated: 10-18-2019

Potential Merger Partners

Nova Scotia Power Inc. currently has no potential merger partners.
Updated: 02-26-2018

Emergency Deviations

Oasis Messages
Updated: 06-26-2018



Updated: 06/11/2019


Voluntary Consent

Nova Scotia Power Inc. currently has no postings of instances when a non-affiliated customer authorizes a transmission provider to share its information with a Marketing or Energy Affiliate.

Updated: 02-26-2018


Nova Scotia Power Inc. currently has no postings of instances where it has exercised its discretion under any terms of its Tariff.

Updated: 02-26-2018




Updated: 06/07/2019


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