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Maritime Link - Total Transmission Capability (TTC)/ Available Transmission Capacity (ATC)

Maritime Link - Transmission Losses Based on A&R NSTUA

The loss calculation is based on A&R NSTUA effective dated 31st Day of July 2014 schedule 3 methodology. 

Off-Peak Hours” means the time from but excluding 2300 APT to and including 0700 APT, of the immediately following day, for each day; 

Peak Hours” means the time from but excluding 0700 APT to and including 2300 APT on the same day;

Monthly Transmissions Losses since August 2022

Maritime Link - Monthly Transmission Losses Based on A&R NSTUA (PDF)

Monthly Transmission Losses

September 2022: Calculated based on forecast dispatch

Hours ML Export/Wheels Losses
Peak 169 MW 1.6 %
Off-Peak 325 MW 2 %


Maritime Link is currently approved to have maximum import of 325 MW.

Based on September forecasted dispatch, at peak NS is keeping 156 MW and on Off-Peak 0 MW.

Details of the calculations contain confidential customer load information and are not publicly available. The data can be provided to eligible Transmission Customers on request


Maritime Link - Loss Factor

NSPML has recalculated the Transmission Loss Factor as required by the Emera and NALCOR Transmission Service Agreements.

The calculated loss factor to be applied for Maritime Link transactions for the period above is 4.15%.

Change from Last Period

To calculate the loss factor as outlined in the Energy and Capacity Agreement, transfers from the thirteen-month rolling window of August 2021 to August 2022 as well as estimated station losses for valve cooling, transformer cooling and auxiliary systems are utilized. As this is the first reporting period using the update calculation, the loss factor cannot be directly compared to the previous period.


Last period, covering  August 15th, 2022, to September 14th, 2022, inclusive, had a loss factor of 4.60%. The next update will be published by October 10th, 2022.

Loss Factor (%)
Date Loss Factor (%)
15-Sep-2022 to 14-Oct-20224.15
15-Aug-2022 to 14-Sep-2022
15-July-2022 to 14-Aug-2022
15-Jun-2022 to 14-July-20224.65
15-May-2022 to 14-Jun-20224.70
15-Apr-2022 to 14-May-20224.75
15-Mar-2022 to 14-Apr-20224.72
15-Feb-2022 to 14-Mar-20224.78
15-Jan-2022 to 14-Feb-20224.87
15-Dec-2021 to 14-Jan-20224.92
15-Nov-2021 to 14-Dec-20214.89
15-Oct-2021 to 14-Nov-20214.87

The information on this page was updated on September 14, 2022.

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